Mangaluru: Citizens Hold ‘Justice for Baby Nirbhaya’ Candle Light Peace March

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Mangaluru: “Justice for Baby Nirbhaya” held a candle light vigil and a silent protest March from Nehru Maidan to the DC’s Office demanding justice for the four-year-old child who was sexually assaulted by her school van driver here, on March 21.

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The candle light protest march began from the Nehru Maidan and culminated in front of the DC’s Office. Social Activist Srinivas Nandagopal addressing the protesters said that today forgetting caste, creed and religion people from all walks of life have gathered to demand justice for Baby Nirbhaya and the nun who was kidnapped by the miscreants in broad day light.  “The 4-year-old child was sexually abused because of the perverted mind of the person. We need to curb such crimes from happening in future. We are here as good human beings to fight against the perverts in the society. We need to bring social changes in the people and bring awareness in the society. We have heard about child abuse in Delhi and Bengaluru but now we are hearing about it in our neighbourhood. We do not need any banner of any particular organization. We are here as good human beings. Hindus, Muslims and Christians have come here for one cause, that is to demand justice for Baby Nirbhaya.”

Addressing the protesters, State convener of Campaign against child labour Rennie D’Souza said when there is a sexual assault on any child in a school, the school authorities should take action against the accused. “But in the Mangalore One school, the authorities did not take any action against the driver. The school administration is also equally responsible in this crime according to the POSCO act.” He urged the authorities to implement the POSCO act as it is for the safety of the children in schools. “All the schools should implement the Child Protection Policy immediately and also form a child protection committee. We need to create a child friendly society. We should pledge that we will treat our children equally in our own homes and create awareness in our neighbourhood for the safety of the girl child in the society.”

Social activist Manjula read out the citizens demands which will be handed over to the Deputy Commissioner on Monday, March 23. Parish Priest of Milagres Church Fr Valerian, nuns from various institutions, priests and activists from various organizations were also present.

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