Mangaluru: CPI(M) Stages Protest against MCC for not Constructing Retaining Wall at Falnir Road

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Mangaluru: The CPI(M) staged a protest on Falnir Road, opposite Moti Mahal on July 1, against the Mangalore City Corporation for putting the life of the public in danger by not constructing a retaining wall and footpath.

Addressing the protesters, Sunil Kumar Bajal said that after several requests to construct a retaining wall at Falnir Road, the demands were not yet met. “The road edge is not supported with reinforcement. We have protested several times but the concerned authorities are showing a ‘I don’t care’ attitude.”

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He further said, “The road is in danger and we have protested for its repair. The officers have now assured to construct the retaining wall and the footpath. We have given them a deadline of one week. This is one of the main roads in the city; thousands of people use this road everyday as there is a church, four schools, mosques, clinics, marriage hall, hotel and shopping complex. The concerned officials are not interested in providing safety to the public. We have given one week time for the construction of the footpath and retaining wall.” He warned that if the work would not be completed within a week, the CPI(M) would stage a protest in front of the Mayor’s and Commissioner’s office in the Mangalore City Corporation.

CITU Secretary Lingappa Nanthur said that the peoples representatives deliver speeches about making Mangaluru a smart city,  but with such roads it is not possible to dream of a smart city. “Many people are losing their lives because of the pathetic roads in the city. Officials of the Mangalore City Corporation do not give a positive response. We do not want any untoward incidents happening in the city which can be avoided if concerned officials act fast. If the footpath and retaining wall will not be constructed within a week, we will intensify our protest.”

Speaking to, Mangalore City Corporation Engineer Deviprasad said that if the Commissioner orders the construction of the retaining wall, the work can be started immediately. “The two-lane road work is not completed yet due to the land acquisition problems.”

After getting assurance from the officers, the protesters called off their protest.

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