Mangaluru: City Pounded By Heavy Rains – Artificial Floods in Subash Nagar and Kottara

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Mangaluru: It has been raining incessantly for the last 24 hours in the city, resulting in damages to houses and private property due to water logging in some low lying areas such as Subhash Nagar in Mangaladevi Road and Kottara.

At Subhash Nagar, more than 300 houses have been affected by rain water. Speaking to, one of the residents of Subhash Nagar, Mukthar said, “From the past 15 years, we are facing the same problem but the concerned authorities have not taken any action. Every year during the rainy season, we face this problem. Since 10:30 am, the area has been waterlogged but the Corporator of the ward has not reached the spot. We have been trying to contact him but he is not lifting the call.”

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Mangaladevi Ward Corporator Premanand Shetty, speaking to, said that every year after new houses are constructed in the area, the same problem arises. “The residents of Subhash Nagar have submitted a memorandum to the concerned authorities to solve the waterlogging problems. There are more than 300 to 400 houses but all the houses were built in various stages. The land owners have sold their land to others. There is no proper planning and without following the rules, various developers have been developing the area. Former commissioners Ajith Kumar and Hephsiba Rani visited the spot to find a permanent solution. They also instructed the town planning officers to acquire land and make permanent rain water drains. The developers did not take any measures in this aspect while building the colony. The entire colony is unplanned; there is no provision for proper flow of rain water.”

Speaking to, another resident, Meena said, “This is an artificial flooding. Water has gushed inside our house. We have small children and today, it is very difficult to live. We are in the heart of the city but there are no basic facilities. The system is not proper. We have tried calling our Corporator, but he is not lifting the phone. We are not getting any facilities because of our ward representative. If he would have come here, we, the locals, would have joined hands to make way for the water to flow. We have renovated our house recently and furnished it. But now, the rain water has spoiled all the furniture.”

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She further said that problems exist in every ward but when the ward representative come forward and cooperates with the people, they will get some relief and confidence of solving the problems. “Instead of our ward representative (Lateef), the Corporator of another ward (Premanand Shetty) has come here. Whom should we tell our problems and how can we live in our houses, if such situation occurs,” she said. tried to contact the ward Corporator but he did not receive the call. Mayor Jacintha Alfred assured to reach the spot as she was attending a similar problem in Kottara. Later, MLA J R Lobo sent a JCB to help in clearing the water.

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  1. Nice!! Water in living room? By the way, this is not the first time we have seen this. Our short memory and low expectations go on!! Nobody will be held accountable and public will continue to accept this pathetic conditions as normal part of life and in many cases they might themselves participate in activities resulting in this chaos!!

    • Nice!! Water in living room? By the way, this is not the first time we have seen this. – Rampa

      I know ya Rampa…. You must have seen ALL this and MUCH more in Seattle in 2005/2006, or was it later?

      What’s a little ankle-deep water and THAT too in a 3rd world country called India – (YOUR description of India, NOT mine O’Rampa) :)? Huh?

      For once, I HAVE to agree with you. You have seen plenty in life indeed! For eg – Murudeshwara statues, piled-up garbage in Udupi – which you happen to see once in a Decennial visit , somebody putting a dent on the fender of your.. err BULLOCK Cart and that too some ten yrs back……. SEEN and pronounced Kimma KaraKaraDaraShiyana and Billa Mahera as YUMREEKI Culture……..

      Man ya Rampa.. you REALLY put another stitch in my side out there AGAIN! 🙂 But then, I forgive small lil ‘well-meaning’ kids.

      Sigh! My heart goes out to you ya Rampa. I JUST hope that things will get better when and as you grow up.

      Best wishes


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