Mangaluru: City Welcomes New Year 2015

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Mangaluru: The entire city on Wednesday night welcomed the new year 2015 amidst prayers in city churches, parties, fireworks, music and dance in hotels and local residential apartments.

Most of the hotels in the city were booked for the night; pubs and discotheques in the city were pounded under the feet of the dancers. Spirited revellers hugged and wished each other while some youngsters zooming in their vehicles greeted strangers and even the policemen on duty on the city roads.

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There were also late evening masses in some churches. Large numbers of people attended the mass thanking the Lord for the fruitful year 2014 and to seek His blessings in the new year 2015.

The New year mass at Milagres Church was celebrated by the Correspondent of Milagres Institutions Fr F X Gomes along with other priests. Prior to the mass a one- hour adoration was held. People gathered at the church premises at 7 p.m for the holy hour and thanked God for all the blessings throughout the year 2014.

In his homily Fr Santosh Rodrigues said that, we have to respect our mothers, because mothers give birth to their children and they take care of their children till they stand on their own feet. Mothers always pray for their children’s safety and prosperity. If anyone has succeed in his /her life it is because of their mother. She provides her children the best of the best. Mother’s love is unconditional and we have to respect her for all her sacrifices.

Fr Santosh also said that when we say good bye to the old year and welcome the new year, we have to leave all our bad habits and inculcate the good values within us. We have to thank God for all his blessings and for safeguarding us throughout the year. When we step into new year we have to bring changes in our life by giving up all our bad habits.

The traffic police had set check posts at various places in the city. Vehicles were being checked for documents and suspected drivers/riders were being checked for drink and drive. A number of violators were booked. A motorbike was seized by the police at Lalbagh for violating traffic rules. wishes all its readers, sponsors, well wishers and contributors, a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015.

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