Mangaluru: Cylindrical Rod shaped Gold Concealed in Passenger’s Rectum Seized at MIA

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Mangaluru: The officers of Customs have busted another modus operandi of gold smuggling and seized gold in the form of two cylindrical rod shaped objects totally weighing 583.300 Grams of value Rs 15,71,944/-, concealed in the rectum of a passenger, here on April 6.

The gold was seized from a passenger identified as Sabir Berka (19), a resident of Kasargod. He arrived at the airport on April 6 by Jet Airways Flight 9W531 from Dubai at 8:25am.
He was arrested and produced before the Court. Further investigation is on.

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  1. At this rate the Indian Customs may have to post a permanent officer on duty at Dubai airport to do pre-boarding inspection of Mangalore bound passengers (LOL) and Mangalore will become the capital of “gold smuggled by special means”. (LOL)!

  2. “Sabir Berka (19), a resident of Kasargod…” – Report

    Another talented young man from Kasaragodu!! LOL How come our political illiterates and secular fools don’t see the most obvious thing here? Why are they afraid to point out the truth ?

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