Mangaluru: Dr Honnati Inaugurates Symposium ‘Cataract Woes-2015’ at FMMC

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Mangaluru: The Department of Ophthalmology, Father Muller Medical College (FMMC) organised ‘Cataract Woes-2015’, a symposium on complications of cataract surgeries at the Decennial Memorial Hall, FMMC here on Sunday, March 22 at 9:30 am.

The programme began with an invocation by the students of 3rd year MBBS. Dr Norman Mendonca (Prof & Head of Opthalmology Department) escorted the guests Dr Madhav Honnatti (Ex President of Karnataka Ophthalmological Society), Fr Patrick Rodrigues (Director of FMCI) and Dr Gururaj (Karnataka Medical College) to the dais.

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Dr Norman welcomed the gathering. The dignitaries then inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Honnati said, “When I started the practice in cataract operations, +10 +1.5 +180 degrees was supposed to be the best result. It was the standard then. But now, even if we get -0.75, it is not acceptable. As new surgeries and equipment are devised, new complications are also created. To avoid these complications, we must know what these complications are and why they occur.”

Fr Patrick in his presidential address said, “Today is the day of lasers, fundus cameras and many other new inventions. There have been many casualties till now just while performing simple cataract surgeries. I remember several instances of such cases in the media, where in eye camps in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh the patients are left with no eyesight. Eyes are precious organs in the human body and eyesight is to be preserved to the best of our ability. If casualties happen even while doing something simple, then everybody who is involved in these surgeries needs to learn, be aware and be an expert all the time. This surgery is done with new instruments but even then complications can happen. Even though one is advanced in age or experience, he/she needs to be competent and proficient in conducting these surgeries, not only in the traditional way but also with the use of the latest equipment.”

Sunayana Bhat (Assistant Professor, Dept of Ophthalmology) delivered the vote of thanks.

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