Tears That Never Dried And The Broken Hearts Never Mend! Rohit Radhakrishnan’s death Still a Mystery

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It had been a year since the headless body of their kid Rohit Radhakrishnan (22), who was a final year student of AJ Institute of Medical Sciences was found near the beach road towards TannirBavi was discovered on the fateful morning of March 23 2014.  The tears of his parents Dr Sreedevi and Advocate Radhakrishnan is never dried.  Nightmares are hounding them and his dear and near every  nights as well as days.

Dr Sreedevi who is a practicing pediatrician was working at Bahrain at that time, could not bear the loss of her son, is back home at Kuzhikkala Pathanamthitta, working with a hospital nearby and his father Adv. Radhakrishnan is trying to bury his sorrows on his profession.  But as you know, that is not easy as they are the one who lost their one and only  child. Who could help them go get over with their sorrow, and grief?  The fact is none! All friends and relatives could advise  philosophy and may be sympathies on the loss!  But the mother and father,  who suffered the real loss! How can they be got consoled!?


The sad part is that, there is no support from any of the so called democratic machinery! In our society what is the value for a human being?  What is his rights? Does he have at least right to live. Does the society have the obligation to protect their fellow human beings?  These basic human rights are being violated everywhere.  In the case of Rohit Radhakrishnan, after discovering the mutilated body on the roadside, the basic action happened from the responsible to cover-up the incident trying to write it off as a freak accident!

It was the close relatives with the support of the media made the hue and cry to open the case again and relook into it!  If you look at the recent death of the IAS officer  D K Ravi, you could observe many similarities in the case.  Here also authorities are writing it off as a suicide without any proof or evidence.  After the public agitation only  they are taking little steps, even to investigate the case.  In the case of Rohit Radhakrishnan,  it is going in the same directions!  Initially police were trying to close the case declaring and registering case as accident.  Later declaring an  CB-CID  as an eye wash to pacify agitating parents and public.

What is the result of that inquiry?  Where it stands?
No one knows!  All these mockeries are only to divert attention of the public as well as the media from the issue and then divert the case as they wanted and to close it discreetly.  When the case been thrown in dust bin there won’t be any convincing explanation as it would be done out of media glare!

There was a hard effort from the investigation team  to prove that it is an accident.  But they never or ever able to answer the questions been raised challenging the observation and conclusions made by the police or investigating team.

If something to happen in this world, there should be a reason, explanation and a scientific briefing to justify that incident.  If all available inquiries made are not providing a convincing answer for the accident theory, then what should be the conclusion.  “Murder”!  Nothing other than that.  To look for a culprit, first the conclusion should be made on  the cause of death.  Unfortunately, only effort being made by the investigators are to trying to fabricate evidence to prove that Rohit’s death was due to an accident.

We do not trust or believe in the line of investigation being progressed!

There  should be a convincing reply answer for the questions been raised during the death and inquiry process.

Knowing the real cause of death is the fundamental right of their parents and society.  If it is not happening very basic philosophy of the society itself will be questioned.

We do trust media! We seek your help to dig further into this case.
Please do not allow to throw this under the wraps and carpet.

As a responsible citizen,  requesting you to help to upheld the rights “TO LIVE AND LET LIVE”!

The questions still not answered!
Even after one year of the incident why the accident theory could not be established?
Why the investigators are not looking at the murder angle,  when there are glaring evidences pointing to murder.
Why the body was brought to AJ Institute of medical sciences, where he was a studying.
Why the autopsy was conducted not by a police surgeon?
Why embalming was done without the consent of immediate relatives?
Why the video tape (mandatory) of the autopsy is missing?
Why the conflicting statements of his friends who were with him till the last moment were investigated further?
Why the police tried to hush-up the case declaring as a freak accident/
Why the AJ Institute of Medical Science, not even condole on the death of one of their student?
Why there was a inordinate delay in even declaring a CB CID enquiry?
What was the outcome of that enquiry even after one year?
Why they have not questioned the local people who had identified the body and still believe it as a murder?
Will there be any justice at the end for the devastated parents and the relatives?
Will the truth ever prevail?

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