Mangaluru: Dr Iftikar Ali Unveils MPL T-20 Trophy

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Mangaluru: The stadium is all set for the MPL T-20 Cricket tournament at NMPT Grounds. As a preparation to the grand inauguration of MPL T-20, the Trophies were unveiled at Dr Ambedkar Circle, Jyothi  here, on December 12.

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Dr Iftikar, along with all the owners of the 12 teams, unveiled the trophies. Speaking to, Dr Iftikar said, “This tournament is being conducted to unite everyone together under the theme of sports. We are happy that people from all backgrounds are participating. This is a good initiative taken by the Organising Committee to unite people through cricket.” He congratulated all the teams and wished them the best for the upcoming tournament.

Sharath,who was representing Team Bedra Bulls, said, “A good thing about cricket is happening in Mangaluru. I wish the team great success. This tournament will be a feast for the cricket lovers in Mangaluru.”

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MPL T-20 organizer Imitiaz said that the preparations for the inauguration of MPL are going very well. A procession will be taken out to display the MPL trophies. The inaugural event will be held at NMPT Grounds tomorrow (13 December) at 4.30 pm. He urged all the cricket lovers to be present at the NMPT Grounds to cheer the players.

The 12 teams participating in the tournament are: Bedra Bulls, Kushi Super Kings, Northern SAhine, Coastal Digest, Maestro Titans, Suratkal Strikers, United Ullal, Bajpe Jaguars, Karavali Warriors, Udupi Tigers, Royal Miteans and Ocean Shark. wishes all the teams success. Let the best team win.

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