Mangaluru: We Will Not Tolerate Dr Zakir Naik Entering Mangaluru – Prof Puranik

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Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal held a press meet at Hotel Woodlands here, on December 12.

Addressing the mediapersons, M V Puranik said that day-by-day the situation in the district is deteriorating. “We have met police officers and the DC and handed over a memorandum to ban Dr Zakir Naik from coming to Mangaluru. Recently, when the Tipu Jayanti was celebrated, there was communal disturbance in the state. Now, the district minister in-charge is ready to welcome Dr Zakir Naik to Mangaluru.” He further said that an Islamic preacher is coming to Mangaluru which the VHP and BD strongly oppose. “Dr Zakir is a controversial figure and he insults Hindu gods.”

He further said that a memorandum had been already submitted to the Deputy Commissioner requesting to ban Dr Zakir Naik from entering Mangaluru. “There are a number of cases against him in connection with derogatory speeches on Hindu gods, which the Hindu community will not tolerate. If the district administration and the state government want peace and harmony in the society, the DC should immediately impose a ban on Dr Zakir Naik from entering the city.”

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Puranik further said that the state government has succeeded in inviting Dr Zakir Naik to Mangaluru. The organizers say that Dr Zakir is coming to promote communal harmony but the same person speaks very low of Hindu gods. He even said that there is no permission to sing “Vande Matharam” in Islam. “All the countries have one law for all, but in India there are different laws for the minority and majority communities. Dr Zakir speaks lowly about Rama and Krishna and makes the people react by insulting Hindu gods. He incites people to create communal violence in the country. If the government wants peace in the society, such persons should not be encouraged. Dr Thogadia in his speech says not to insult any religion, but Dr Zakir compares Hindus to third standard students and Muslims to 10th standard students, and says that due to this, Hindus should listen to Muslims. When there is a question about Islam and our country, Dr Zakir says Islam gets first preference and the country next. If Dr Zakir comes to Mangaluru and hurts the sentiments of Hindus, there will be violence in the district. To avoid any untoward incidents in the district, the concerned authorities should take our request seriously. Inspite of our demands, if Zakir Naik comes to Mangaluru and if any untoward incident takes place, the district administration and the government will be directly responsible,” he said.

Convener of HJV Satyajith Suratkal said that in this country, everyone has the right to preach his/her religion but if anyone demeans another religion, people will not tolerate it. “Through Peace TV, he is delivering hate speeches and insulting other religions. Recently, the Tipu Jayanti was celebrated. It was less government and more of a KFD and PFI sponsored event which created communal violence in the state. Few days ago, when a police officer arrested the accused in the Ulaibettu case, MLA Moideen Bava said that the arrested was innocent and pressurised the police to release him. The police are hesitant to work because politicians are not allowing them to do their duty with transparency,” said Satyajith.

“On January 6, Thogadia is coming to Sringeri to take part in a programme. From there, he will be coming to visit Mangaluru and Udupi. If the district administration will not ban Dr Zakir Naik from coming to Mangaluru, we will intensify our protest,” he added.

When asked about their reaction on the Dharmadhikari attending Dr Zakir’s programme, Satyajith replied that they would meet the Dharmadhikari and convince him not to attend the programme. “We will not allow any of our leaders to attend Dr Zakir’s programme. If the organizers will bring Dr Zakir to Mangaluru, we will intensify our protest,” he reiterated.

When asked why all the leaders do not sit together and try to bring peace in the society instead of fighting, Satyajith replied, “We are ready to come for peace talks and we want to maintain peace in the society.”

When asked whether the Hindu leaders can deliver derogatory speeches, Satyajith said, “Our leaders did not deliver any derogatory speeches.”

Sharan Pumpwell, Tejashwi S N and Kishor Kumar were also present.

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  1. We Will Not Tolerate Dr Zakir Naik Entering Mangaluru – Prof Puranik

    Dear readers,

    Togadia,Mutalik,Sadhvi Balika Saraswati delivers hate speech it is ‘Tolerance’.

    If Dr.Zakir Naik,MP Asaduddin Owaisi speaks about truth it is termed ‘INTOLERANCE’.

    Let’s the self proclaimed Prof Puranik go to Zakir Naik and ask questions face to face. Will he able to stand the truth?

    I would appreciate the organisers to welcome all those dignitaries to personally invite to the function and given first preference to ask the question.

    Jai Hind

  2. If Dr.Zakir Naik,MP Asaduddin Owaisi speaks about truth it is termed ‘INTOLERANCE’.

    Mr Rizwan now you are showing your true color……

    If some one talking against Hindu God….they are Tolerant people for you ???????

  3. Good idea SMR.

    Since there is threat to disrupt Zakir’s entering into Mangalore, and as you are keen in the truth please arrange for that debate cum boxing match between these two groups of “peaceful Indians” one led by Zakir/Assaduddin on one side, and Togadia/Mutalik on the other side at an undisclosed location.

    You for sure could be the moderator, so until one side accepts the truth make sure that the doors closed shut. Then tell us how it went.

  4. “Dr Zakir is a controversial figure and he insults Hindu gods” – report quoting one Puranik who is demanding a ban on Dr.Naik.

    VHP and BD are totally wrong here. Being controversial or insulting sanaathana gods are not a crime. They are not strong enough reasons to ban an individual from entering a city. Indian citizens should have the freedom to move freely within India. In a free society, we should be able to mock, ridicule or criticize any god or religion. Unfortunately, this ‘ban’ culture was started by our clueless media and illiterate politicians. See how our journalists run and hide under the table when you bring up some sensitive subjects on a ‘peaceful’ minority. Now, this monster of ‘ban’ culture is spinning out of control.

    Be it Togadia, muthalik, Zakir or someone else, they all have the rights to move freely and speak to their supporters. As long as they don’t threaten or call for violence, they have all the rights to say what they want!!

    • I do not believe in babas, sadhus, godmen, preachers, etc., but rely upon my common sense and intellect. People should use their common-sense, but few use it. I have high regards for personalities like Mother Teresa, Pakistan’s Baba Edhi, who have done great social service. Baba Edhi may be a Pakistani, but he is a great man – non-corrupt and who cannot be purchased by money. I hope both in India and Pakistan, we had non-corrupt politicians like Baba Edhi.

      Dr. Zakir Naik is a fraud, who mostly attracts the labour class, who are incapable of rational thinking and get swayed away by people who are good orators and have convincing powers. He wears a skull cap and dons suits. Does Koran allow a holy and pious muslim to wear suits. Is it not unislamic? From what I have heard from some Muslims, Koran governs all facets of Muslims’ lives.

      If people of others faiths, including Christians and Jews, went exactly as per their holy books, then they would have been living lives that one led in those days and would not have made any progress.

  5. If some one talking against Hindu God….they are Tolerant people for you ???????-Mr.Deepak Shetty

    Sir, I have heard many of his lectures.Most of the lectures delivered with references taken from the Hindu holy books.

    Are these Sangh parivar trying to object to his speech proving Hindu scripture is wrong or it is just an subjugation of open truth?

    I appreciate Professor Puranik take the challenge and use his extensive Hindu knowledge and throw some tough questions?

    When Dr Zakir Naik and Sri Sri Ravishankar have no problem having debate,why the Sangh Parivar feels objectionable?

    Jai Hind

  6. “Are these Sangh Parivar trying to object to his speech proving Hindu scripture is wrong or it is just an subjugation of open truth?”

    You could keep your opinion about Zakir, but from what I know about him is that he is an international Pariah. He has been banned from entering several countries all over the world, and by the way he is going he could face the ban in Islamic countries too, as religious fatwas are being issued against him. He is only an expert in “Taqqiya”.

    Leave alone Hindu scriptures, Zakir cannot speak the truth about his religion and this is amply evident from the fact that learned Muslim scholars like Maulana Muhammad A.K Azad (Abu Arif Al Alawi – real Deobandi scholars) have issued religious fatwa against Zakir clearly stating that he is misguiding simple Muslims to the wrong path? Please see the links

    As Muslim scholars state that Zakir has created a “fitnah”, and per your Qur’an creating fitnah is a sin, and also a sign of kufr (disbelief), and hence he will be punished by Allah by being burnt in the hell fire. Here is the link confirming the punishment for committing fitnah:

    Based on the above facts the Muslims of Mangalore should stay away from this known trouble maker, and not to be part of his fitnah. This not me saying so it is your learned Muslim scholars.

  7. I respect and have high regards for people who are God-fearing, rather thands, pseudos who pose to be overly religious and go about professing the superiority of their faiths. Religions should be practised in ones’ homes and places of worship and not on the streets.

    I have come across pseudo religious elements, who are crooks, frauds, thieves, womanisers, match-makers (who con poor people and take their cuts). I came across one such person, who has become notorious in Bahrain and nicknmed as _______swamy.

  8. The world is finally waking up to the danger of the crazy Saudi Wahabi interpretation of Islam.

    Speaking with Berlin’s Bild newspaper on Sunday, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel called Saudi Arabia an important diplomatic partner but raised concern that “from Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi mosques are financed throughout the world,” warning “we must make it clear to the Saudis that the time of looking the other way is over.”

    Several of the Islamic State group’s Paris gunmen grew up or spent time in Belgium’s Molenbeek, a neighborhood described by the Guardian as “Europe’s jihadi central” that has also been linked to several other attacks. Some observers have sought to draw a line connecting those attackers and Saudi-inspired Salafism.

    The Paris cell’s mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, grew up in Molenbeek as the child of Moroccan immigrants. According to a local think tank analyst cited by the Washington Post, starting in the 1970s “Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries sent funding for rigid religious schools, setting up tension between Wahhabi mosques and the more moderate and largely Moroccan tradition.”

    The Grand Mosque of Brussels, considered “the largest and most influential mosque in the capital of the European Union,” was gifted to Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal in 1967. According to Politico Europe, the mosque’s cultural center “encouraged clerics from the 1980s onwards to shift to fundamentalist Salafist teachings, including the placement of over 600 salafist teachers into schools.” Belgian MP and former Doctors without Borders official Georges Dallemagne also points to this influence, arguing that “the very strong influence of Salafists… is one of the particularities that puts Belgium at the center of terrorism in Europe today.”

    One month after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Radio France Internationale reported that the French government was exploring new legislation to block foreign funding of mosques “from countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia” as part of “a cultural offensive against Salafist movements.” Since last month’s Paris attacks, several French mosques have been closed down, and one of France’s senior imams told Al Jazeera that the interior ministry intended to shut down between 100 and 160 more due to takfiri messaging, preaching hatred, or operating without a license.

  9. I think if the speakers are allowed and as long as they do not directly promote hate speeches and violence, less people would perceive that there was an insult. What Puranic and his ilks is reminiscent of the Rushdie book saga. What I mean here is that – more people believed the propaganda and resorted to protest without even knowing what that book was about. All they knew was from others that there is insult ! That was enough for them.

    Puranik et al are also following the same pattern here( I wonder what difference exists between Puranik version and archaic interpretation of “other religions”

    Similarly a play was banned recently because of the CBCI and others felt there was insult to Christianity. Just how many people will attend this play? Does one speech or play shake ones faith?

    Who are we to judge and condemn a priest , a fakir , a sadhu or a baba is a fake? surely we may not agree with his/her views.
    Every one has the right to speak( sense or nonsense – depending on if we agree or not) . Therefore the persons who raise a hue and cry ( Puranik et al ) are the real trouble mongers and these people promote divisiveness of the society.

    Professor Puranik – Ashoka Emperor promoted Budhism in India yet Hiduism prevailed. How do you compare Dr. Zakir and Ashoka?

    I agree people should engage themselves in good causes in their retired life. The right choice for a right cause is therefore is the need of the hour.

  10. “The world is finally waking up to the danger of the crazy Saudi Wahabi interpretation of Islam” – Roy.

    Apparently Roy is still sleeping and not sure what would it take for him to wake up!! Otherwise, why would he blame ‘death cult’ culture on ‘wahabi interpretation’ ? When the book says ‘kill’, what interpretation is he talking about? Kill doesn’t mean love!!! This is actually a common problem seen with self-haters. They, somehow, are fooled into believe that these groups are all very peaceful and only a tiny fraction is abusing it using misinterpretations!! The book is very clear and one doesn’t need any interpretations. You need interpretations ONLY when you want to hide the true text, meaning and spin it as something positive!!

    • “When the book says ‘kill’, what interpretation is he talking about?” – ORIGINAL DUPLICATE.


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