Mangaluru: Every Second and Fourth Saturdays Bank Holidays with Immediate Effect

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Mangaluru: The recent decision of the Union government and the RBI to declare the second and fourth Saturdays of every month as bank holidays has come into immediate effect.

Hence Sep 12 and 26 will be holidays for banks. However, many businessmen and the public are unhappy that sufficient notice was not given before the very first holiday, namely, Sep 12.

In private, a few bank employees appeared to be in a jubilant mood. Some of them planned to take a day’s leave on Sep 25, which would give them four days’ off in a row.

There are also citizens who say that the bank employees have the best of perks and yet they strike work every now and then. There is a feeling that other sectors also should get similar benefits.

Some banks have sent SMS to customers’ mobiles early Saturday morning to keep them informed of the closure.

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