Mangaluru: ‘Focus, Face and Answer Exams Confidently’ tells Mayor to SSLC Students

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Mangaluru: With the District coming in the 29th place last year in SSLC examination, officials of the District Education Board along with Mangalore City Corporation Mayor Jacintha Alfred held a press meet to convey their message through the media to the SSLC students answering their forthcoming exams, to do well in the exams which they will taking from 30 March till 13 April 2015.

Mayor Jacintha said, ” I request the nearly 36,250 SSLC students and their parents to focus on the forthcoming examination. I ask the students to face, focus and answer the examinations with confidence. Parents should also instill courage in them. I urge the students not to get frustrated, instead take it easy while studying for the exams. I wish you all best of luck in your exams, and want to see you all in flying colours”

Block Education Officer, MP Jnanesh said, ” I advise parents to resist the temptation of comparing their children to others on the basis of marks. Parents should know that each child was special and should not be compared to another. We are trying our best to improve the interest of students towards studies and also their performance-therefore we request the students to spend more time, and study till late evening in their respective school premises. We have also set up workshops for those students who are slow learners, and in some schools children are allowed to stay in the school premises in order to prepare better for their examination”.

Sr Cecilia Mendonca- President of South Zone of High School Teachers Association said, ” Although district-level evaluations in the first week of February 2015 were not very fruitful, but later a test based on questions prepared for the entire State, conducted in the third week of February had shown an improvement of 20 per cent. We are trying all kinds of methods to encourage students to take their exams seriously with confidence and fair well. We are looking forward for better results in the district this year”.

Stany Tauro and P Devappa Shetty with the education Board were also present during the press meet.

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