Mangaluru: Foreign Currency being Smuggled outside the Country Seized by MIA Customs

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Mangaluru: The Customs officers at the Mangalore International Airport seized Foreign Currency totaling to 6600 British Pounds, equivalent to Rs 6,49,440, from two passengers, Muhammed Salih Yarool, aged 36 years, and Muhammed Ashraf Abdulla, aged 35 years, both hailing from Pallikere, Kasaragod district, Kerala.



The currency was seized at the time of their departure from Mangalore International Airport on 20 May morning by Air India Express flight No. IX383 to Dubai. Both the said passengers attempted to smuggle the Foreign Currency out of India without valid money exchange documents.

Further investigation is under progress.

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    I don’t think we can expect any comments from joker Praveena Pinto or Sharia Pandita on this report OR…any one of those past incidents from Vimaana Nildaana listed above. Even if they did, it would be an embarrassing attempt to take a dig at Pradhaana Sevaka.

  2. it would be an embarrassing attempt to take a dig a Pradhaana sevaka of RSS- Atheist Mr.Original Pai


    BJP president Amit Shah has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statements during the Lok Sabha election campaign that Rs 15 lakh will be deposited in the bank accounts of all Indians once the black money is recovered was a political ‘jumla’ (idiom).

    They fooled voters by promising 15 lakh by opening 10 crores accounts with zero balance. Only 33% of Modi Bhakathas believed in this story and voted in masses. But less than year later ‘Jumla’ cost them dear in Delhi.

    The party of difference hanged pictures of former BJP president Bangaru Laxman was caught counting wads of notes and saying “Paisa khuda toh nahi lekin khuda ki kassam khuda se kam bhi nahi” that he had accepted from a Tehelka reporter who was posing as an arms dealer in return for hiring the latter’s company to supply hand-held thermal imagers to the Indian Army.

    Please talk about those under the table deals by Laxman,Mahajan,Gadkari,Reddy,Yeddy before you do the auditing of MIA.

    Jai hind

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