Udupi: State Govt Misleading People Projecting Central Projects as its own – B S Yedurappa

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Udupi: The Congress led state government has been misleading the people by projecting the central government’s projects as its own projects, said B.S Yedurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and MP from Shimoga Byndoor LS Constituency. He was addressing the mediapersons at a pressmeet held at the BJP office here, on May 20.

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“95% rice for Anna Bhagya is supplied by the central government. The state government requires 2,24,000 metric tons of rice and wheat to be distributed to people, of which 2,17,403 metric tons is supplied by the central government. 5% of the rice for Anna Bhagya is managed by the state government. The central government purchases rice for Rs 28 per kg and supplies the same to the state for Rs 3, while wheat is purchased for Rs 20 and is supplied to the state for Rs 2. The burden of Anna Bhagya for the central government is Rs 28 on rice and Rs 8 on wheat.”

“The congress led state government has ignored development of rural areas. The projects proposed under ‘Namma Grama, Namma Raste’ are yet to be started. CM Siddaramaih had announced construction of 20 km road last year and tender process for the same has started this year.”

“Efforts made to establish the Lake Development Board are in vain, but when BJP was in power, Rs 5 crore was proposed for each legislative constituency for the development of lakes. The Agriculture Price Board has failed to submit its report to the government which is creating problems for  the farmers.”


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“CM Siddaramaih had proposed Rs 15834 crores for the development of SC/ST but the government has spent only 10979 crores.”

“Rahul Gandhi has instructed Congress leaders to hold press meets and expose  the failure of the BJP government to the people, while he should also instruct his leaders to hold press meets on scams of UPA government. Narendra Modi led NDA government in the center is setting right the irregularities of the UPA government,” he added.

“The Congress government will learn a lesson from the defeat in the coming Gram Panchayat polls,” he added.

District BJP chief Thingale Vikaramarjuna Hegde, former chief Uday Kumar Shetty, ZP member Githanjali Suvarna, Raghavendra Kini, Kuthyaru Naveen Shetty were present.

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