Mangaluru: Govt. Schools to be Used For Geriatric ‘Active Aging’ Exercises  -Minister U T Khader

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Mangaluru: Dr Prabha Adhikari, Head, Geriatrics, KMC and Er. Jerardin D’Souza, Founder Director, Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association-MAA, met Health Minister U T Khader on June 23 with a proposal to use the Govt. Schools on Holidays and after school hours for Physical Mobility Exercises, Yoga, Mental exercises, like memory tests and Memory exercises. The Minister was thrilled at the proposal and issued a letter immediately to consider this very useful proposal.

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Dr Prabha Adhikari has started around ten such ‘ACTIVE AGING’ Centres in the City, where aged people come and do Health Improving exercises and have social interactions, which help them retain mental health. KMC Nava Chaitanya, Attavar is one such.

Er. Jerardin D’Souza who has founded the Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association MAA, is actively interacting with the Elders and reaching out to the Alzheimer’s affected families through TV, Radio and Social media…”The Media, both Visual TV, and Print has been very supportive in creating Alzheimer’s awareness’ said Jerardin D’Souza

Dr Prabha Adhikari also presented a proposal, to club three programs 1] National Program for Health Care of the Elderly 2] National NCD prevention program 3] Karnataka Mental Health Program under the Geriatric Mental Health Project. Once this is implemented successfully in the State it can be scaled to the National level, said Dr Adhikari.

The Minister was very supportive of the proposal and appreciated both Dr Prabha and Er. Jerardin for their concern and efforts in reaching out to the Mentally challenged Elders, specially affected with Alzheimer’s dementia.

A Vishwas Helpline for Senior Citizens number was also presented: Toll Free :1090 & 0824-2421190

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