Mangaluru: Happiness and Hazards – Points to Ponder while on the Threshold of 2015

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Mangaluru: It is yet another eventful year drawing to a close. A time for making new resolutions. A time for traditional jubilations.

But, how about a few reflections and introspection?

The new year is being heralded, it may be worthwhile to ponder if at all what we spend on parties and whatever that takes place in the process is really worth the exercise.newyear_31122014_AA975-001

The same money can go into helping the underprivileged of the society, caring for the uncared-for and such other socially-beneficent deeds. Moderation in festivities and avoiding of vulgar, competitive show of affluence is the need of the hour.

Then there is this preposterous practice of burning the old man as a mark of sending the old year into oblivion. Is it a healthy ritual? Besides being patently un-Indian, does it not represent the kind of respect we have for the elders? How would we feel if we happen to watch the same spectacle, when we reach our old age?

Today’s parents and social workers have a special responsibility of instilling in the minds of children and youngsters the right values and making them shun this hideous practice.

In passing, reference can be made also to the practice of burning of effigies of living persons by political activists. The perpetrators of this disgusting ritual have a duty to prove to the society in what way it can be claimed as part of the Indian culture. Or, for that matter, if it is something espoused, promoted or justified by any religion under the sun.

Does it not foment instincts of violence and destruction in human minds, especially the young, impressionable ones? Does it not affect our environment, a subject so dear to the hearts of so many organizations?

It is time for people who indulge in this monstrous practice to grow up and mature in life.

And last, but not the least, a word of caution about driving under the affluence and influence of alcohol after parties. Several lives, in most cases young ones, are being lost every year at times of celebrations like this, leaving their parents in grief and shock life long, which should really worry our society.

Gifting away sleek bikes and cars to one’s underage progeny to impress others in the society is one thing. But providing them with proper orientation on responsible citizenship and civic sense is a different ball-game altogether.

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