Mud slinging

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Read somewhere in my messages ?Students perform better than he did on that Interview!!! What makes him think he can become a leader of the Nation?? (Of a Certain Minister)

?Every man wanted his wife to look like her, now she looks like every man?s wife (A certain Actress who had grown a tad bit overweight post-delivery)?

Mudslinging!!! All of us are guilty of doing this at one time or the other. Pleasure unlimited!!! Forget pointing fingers at someone else, right now it seems to be the whole heart, mind and body that seems to go into demeaning and belittling someone who?s successful, happy or prosperous in their own way.

We call ourselves the 21st century Generation- cultured, techno savvy-well-bred individuals, but we do not think twice before washing someone else?s dirty linen in public. We use the same technology that has helped us move just a few steps forward to prove that we have moved thousand steps backward.

Look around you and you will see the numerous damages and catastrophes that have occurred in the form of mms?s, leaked photograph footages and video tapes. It takes a fraction of a second to ruin someone?s reputation and destroy their image forever.

Recently one fool?s status on a popular social networking site created quite a sensation where he stated that people deserved to be ruined by a natural disaster, because they had not utilised their voting rights well. Seriously, rejoicing at someone else?s death, misfortune, loss just proves to the whole world as to how low we as human being can get.

Forget passing judgements on religious, political and economic issues, it still hurts me to think of one individual I knew long ago whose son was suffering from Cancer and the woman was spending lots of money on his treatment. Instead of showing concern and sympathy or at least just praying for the grieving family all I heard from their own colleagues was how she deserved to suffer because she had had too much of money and comforts and happiness. Not only did they not help her they made it even more difficult for the family by spreading malicious rumours about them. Don?t be the one to drive the last nail in someone?s coffin. People are going through enough pain, struggles and suffering of their own without you having to add the insult to the injury.

Many of us do this without actually considering the repercussions. We never think of an empathetic approach where we put ourselves in the shoes of the person, who?s going through the persecution, be it physical, emotional or psychological. Love begets Love! Hate begets Hate! The day may not be far when Man hates Man and people may be filled with so much of negativity, suspicion and ill will towards another being that there may be no humanity, kindness, happiness or harmony left. The next time we are tempted to throw that dirty pile of mud on someone else, let?s have a look at ourselves first. After all, the mud that you are so happily slamming into someone else?s face, may boomerang back at you.

Rachitha Poornima Cabral
Department of English
School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya


Author: Rachitha Poornima Cabral

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