Mangaluru: Health Minister Khader drenched in Slush during Slush field games at Konaje

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Mangaluru: Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khader fell in the field while participating in the tug-of-war sport near the Harekala school here, on June 28.

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On June 28, Government aided Ramakrishna Higher Primary School organized slush field games for Scouts and Guides near the UBMC School at Parande. Minister U T Khader who was the chief guest, due to his busy schedule, could not make it to the inaugural ceremony. Later, after reaching the venue, minister Khader had fun with the students and participated in the slush field games on the request of the organizers.

When U T Khader, along with the students, was competing in the tug-of-war sport, the rope gave way and all the participants including U T Khader fell in the field and were completely drenched in slush.

Later, U T Khader, after freshening up and changing his dirty dress, proceeded to another programme.

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  1. What a magnanimous and down to earth Mr.U.T.Khader is! My hats off to him. May his tribe increase and flourish.

    • Mr. Ramachandra Shetty,

      You have by saying, “May his tribe increase and flourish,” have copied my dialogue, because I always say, “May his tribe increase and prosper.”

      Nelson Lewis

      • Nelson, Do you hold the copyright to that english phrase? Are you the inventor of english language?

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