Udupi: Pejawar Swamiji Invites Leftist Scholar Prof. Bhagvan for Internal Debate

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Udupi: Pejawar Math  Sri Vishweshatheertha Swamiji invited leftist scholar Prof Bhagvan for an internal debate with regard to the pros and cons of Bagvad Gita.download

Speaking to mediapersons at Udupi on June 28,  the swamiji expressed dissatisfaction over the cancellation of the proposed debate between him and the professor in Mysore.  The police and the organizers withdrew the permission issued for the debate on the Bagvad Gita. The swamiji said that instead of an open debate, an internal debate would be appropriate to settle their differences. He said that Chakravarthi Sulibele, Prahlad Acharya, Prathap Simha, Haridas Bhat were among others who would have taken part in the proposed open debate.

He further said that the state government should immediately respond to the grievances of the farmers. “The government should intervene and stop farmers from taking extreme steps. It should also take measures to support farmers.” He said that the government had failed to do so and the opposition is naturally taking advantage of the situation. He further said that the government should solve the loan issues bothering the farmers. The present problem involving farmers’ death should be solved on priority basis as it is more important than offering free rice to the poor. He also urged farmers not to adopt extreme steps, as suicide is not a solution for the issues bothering them.

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  1. This is why I respect Pejaawara Swamiji and sanaathana dharma. Those who do ‘palaayana vaada’ from debate are the ones who can’t stand any criticism. Pejaawara swamiji is not afraid of criticism and debates. This is how it should be in an open, free society where ideas compete and the best will survive. Nobody got hurt, nobody demanded any attacks on those questioning Bhagavad Geeta. Now, can you imagine anything similar to this in ‘peaceful’ belt from morocco to Kasmheera ? How come our fake-secular individuals don’t appreciate sanaathana dharma’s openness to face criticism and debate? They are very good at crying ‘saffron terrorism’!! No courage to utter a word on cartoon controversy, no courage to say a single word on daily incidents from mangaluru vimaana nildaana!! And, now, no decency to appreciate Sanaathana dharma’s tolerant culture and open mindset !! How sad and pathetic!!

  2. Dear readers,

    Is Pejawar Swamiji is ready to take debate on ‘made snana’ and ‘pankthi beda’ which rightly propagation as his fundamental rights?

    Jai hind

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