Mangaluru: Hindu Samajotsava to Mark Golden Jubilee of VHP on March 1

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Mangaluru: To mark its Golden Jubilee, Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) has organized Hindu Samajotsava at the Central Maidan on March 1, said the honorary president of the celebration committee Ganesh Rao in a press meet held at Sangha Niketan, Mannagudda here on January 29.








Addressing the mediapersons, Ganesh Rao said that our country should be named has a Hindu nation. He further said that on March 1 at 2:30 p.m, the procession will be flagged off from Ambedkar Circle Jyothi which will culminate at the Central Maidan where a stage programme will be held. “Our aim is to unite all the Hindus to work hand in hand for the development of the country. We will not cross the limits, there will no discrimination against any religion. Americans are proud of their country likewise people of China and other countries are very patriotic and have great love for their country. We need to bring the same love and patriotism among our people so that they can proudly say “I am a Indian”.

He also said that it is our duty to bring awareness among the people about our culture, tradition and heritage which we need to retain and carry forward for the next generation. “We will be within the constitution and will not allow anyone to hurt the sentiments of the people of other religions. We are inviting everyone to be the part of the Samajotsava including Christians and Muslims without any discrimination. Our aim is to unite the people of our great country,” he said.

The president of the Diamond Jubilee celebration committee Vijaynath Vittal Shetty said, “Ten days ago, the leaders of VHP came to my office and requested me to be the president of the committee. Being a Hindu, I whole heartedly accepted the invitation. Even though I am from a different party, the respect that the VHP leaders have towards me made me accept their invitation for the Hindu programme. I am a Hindu first and I am very proud to take part in the Samajotsava. The programme is to unite Hindus and there will be no political involvement.”

When asked about accepting president-ship of the Diamond Jubilee celebration committee and the reaction of the Congress party, Vijaynath said, “I do not see this programme as a political one. It is a Hindu programme and being a Hindu, I have accepted to be the president of the committee. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, our country is in the developing process and any comments related to Hindu nation will effect the development of the country. It is upto the people to accept India as Hindu nation.”

When asked about the party taking action against him, Vijaynath said, “What action can the Congress take against me? I am a secular person, the VHP is considering everyone equally. If the Congress party will organize Hindu Samajotsava, I will be the happy to take party in the programme.”

The district president of VHP Prof M B Puranik speaking on the occasion said that all measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incidents. “Delivering speeches depends on the speakers but we have already given the guidelines of the programme. Sadhwi Balika Saraswathi Mishra from Madhya Pradesh will deliver the keynote address. If anyone delivers hate speech, there is the law of the land to take action against them.”

Working president of the celebration committee Jagadish Suvarna, General Secretary Jitendra Kottari, Sharan Pumpwell, Jagadish Shenava and others were also present.

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