Mangaluru Int’l Airport looks CLEAN, but Roads Leading to it are NOT So CLEAN?

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Mangaluru Int’l Airport looks CLEAN, but Roads Leading to it are NOT So CLEAN?

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru International Airport bagging the ‘Swachatha Award’ under category B Class of airports for cleanliness, in a survey conducted by the Airports Authority of India at the various airports in the country is good news for all of us. But unfortunately the roads leading to this so-called CLEAN Airport are no so clean- and that is not good news for all of us. The Airport Authority of India had conducted this survey in 53 category B Class of airports in the country. The officers of the Airports Authority of India had visited the Mangaluru International Airport for the survey, and had inspected airport terminal, parking area, toilet, commercial complexes, road connectivity, costumers lounge. Thanks to the cleaning service firm hired by the Airport since 7 years. It is learnt that annually 17.50 lakh commuters fly from Mangaluru International Airport to various destinations.

But unfortunately, Mangaluru which has been ranked as one of the cleanest city in the Nation, seems to be abusing Swachh Abhiyan recently. If you wake up early in the morning, and take a stroll around the Mangaluru City, you’ll be surprised to see the amount of garbage that is scattered all over- a clear picture of Swachh Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru Abuse? Garbage left behind by street vendors, pedestrians, commuters waiting at bus stops and so on- and the poor Pourakarmikas of Antony Waste Management have to bear the brunt and do the cleaning left for them by ignorant people.

Since the launch of Swachh Bharath Abhiyan in 2014, Modi has put enormous effort into making the Swachh Bharat Mission a flagship programme of his rule. In the fourth year since its launch, PM’s initiative has been carried forward and promoted by various organizations, Education Institutions, Religious Institutions, Ashrams/Maths- and locally here Mangaluru, Rama Krishna Mission has played a vital role in the Swachh Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan-since 2015, and they are on their 4th Phase of this Campaign, with determination and commitment to make Mangaluru Cleaner than it was in the past years. But it is also the responsibility of the people to appreciate what Ramakrishna Math volunteers are doing, by not littering the same place which was cleaned by these volunteers.

But even in spite of many awareness programmes and motivation, people are still abusing the concept of Swachh by dirtying the city. The idea behind Swachh Bharath is to motivate people not to litter, but it is happening the other way- where people are very much creating a mess everywhere with an impression that someone else will clean their mess, and make the city look clean. But sadly, the citizens of Mangaluru seems like they are are not appreciating the cleanliness done by volunteers of various organizations. It is not just the uneducated people who abuse Swachh Bharath, even many educated citizens litter wherever they want-that is sad.

I know that there are many roads that lead to the Mangalore International Airport- but this morning I took the Road from the City via Padua Road-Bondel- Kavoor- towards Kenjar, and then to the Airport- and the pictures in this report will reveal more than words can say, as to how filthy some of the areas on this stretch of the road are, which is leading to the Cleanest Airport of recent times. How many Ministers, VIPs or other top officials have taken this road on their way to the Airport? Why have they turned a blind eye towards the garbage that is piled and scattered on this said road, that I traveled this morning. And the worst part is that, the stretch of the road, near Sri Devi Engineering College-Kenjar until the entrance of the Airport is worst, littered with plastic bags, bottles and what not.

With so many visitors from out of the town or abroad visiting our beautiful city, this garbage stricken road sends a bad message of non-cleanliness of the City. At some places even stray dogs are seen feeding on the garbage, which is so pathetic for anyone to look at. And when we have a new broad road constructed especially for the use of the Airport, it is advisable that the concerned authorities should at least see to that the new concreted road is free of garbage- so that the Swachh Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru campaign becomes fruitful. My humble request to the officials of MCC and other concerned authorities to see that all the roads leading to Mangalore International Airport are “SWACHH”

In conclusion, we need more than some media campaign, we need some real groundwork being done from government and MCC. You want me to not litter, well then provide me garbage bins, you don’t want me to pee on the roadside, well have public toilets installed etc etc. Well, while certain organizations are trying to keep city clean, the government and especially MCC should also cooperate in providing enough dustbins/garbage bins and also enough toilets. The govt officials should also join hands with the volunteers and note how the Swacch Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru campaign is progressing. Hoping to see Mangaluru cleaner than it was yesterday or today, especially on the Airport road.

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  1. Unless the mentality of Indians change, dirt, litter, and dumping will not end.

    In this instance, the Mangalore Municipality must arrange to place large garbage bins or the Contractor Anthony Waste Management to enable those dumping to dump in the garbage bins.

    In the meantime, the Rama Krishna mission should rope up some volunteers of the Airport Area Bajpe, and conduct a cleanliness drive.

    And the PM should compensate all the volunteers in cash or kind for their time and labour from the large loan he has taken from the World Bank for this purpose.

    Let’s be real and practical instead of whining all the times!

  2. “In conclusion…” writes this author before going onto blame it all on MCC and Govt officials. I wonder why this author is always hesitant to hold elected reps,especially MLAs, responsible for this failure? You think the MCC officials can operate independently without political pressure and influence from ruling party? How many cleanliness drives have been organized by local MLAs? They don’t even have the courtesy to show up for weekend campaigns by Ramaksishna ashrama. How come this author turns a blind eye to this total lack of seriousness and hypocrisy by local MLAs?

  3. The photographs of garbage displayed on this site should wake up the department concerned with the disposal of garbage. About six months ago i was there in MANGALURU, the city appeared quite neat. Shocked to see the depletion. Some hard decisions are required and the residents and street business vendors must take is as their responsibility to keep our place neat. Lets not have the problems of mega cities at our doorsteps.

  4. Someone should start from house ~ the road is not for dumping ! good roads are a image of the nation !

  5. Very timely article. Those who try to ridicule Swach Bharat movement must read the article and start thinking. It is a depressing drive to the airport from Mangalore city.

  6. Bravo Alfie- thanks for a great article. You deserve a pat for highlighting all the civic issues in this Smart City- as they call it. keep up the good work-you are the window to the world to unleash what’s happening in Mangalore- good and bad

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