Mangaluru: ‘Jai Hind, Jai Hindi! Let’s All Join to Promote and Popularize Hindi’- Governor Vajubhai R Vala

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Mangaluru: Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs,Govt. of India which had chosen Town Official Language Implementation Committee, Mangaluru hosted “Rajbhasha Sammelan(Regional Official Language Conference) and Awards distribution Function, held under the auspices of Regional Implementation Office (South and South West), Dept. of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs-Govt. of India, at Hotel Ocean Pearl, Mangaluru on Friday, 27 March 2015 at 10.30am.

The vision of Department of Official Language-(2014-2015), Govt. of India, is to create an enabling environment for the progressive use of Hindi for official purposes of the Union in accordance with constitutional and statutory provisions regarding Official Language, so that it may serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of the country. And their Mission is to promote the incremental use of Hindi by meeting its statutory obligations in the Central Government Ministries/Departments/Organizations; by creating awareness, and sensitizing the stakeholders through dissemination of information about the Official Language policy, programmes and activities; by undertaking capacity building/enhancement of the Central Government personnel at various levels of seniority in multiple areas of expertise viz. Hindi Language, Typing, Shorthand and use of IT tools; and by building synergy with Ministries/Departments/Organisations.

The Objectives of the department is to promote the progressive use of Hindi in the Central Government Ministries/Departments/Organisations through persuasion, incentives and motivation; To undertake Capacity Building of the Central Government personnel at various levels of Seniority by imparting induction level and in service training in Hindi language, typing and shorthand, translation and use of Computers; To provide authentic translation of English documents; Promotion of ICT applications in the use of Official Language;  Issue of Presidential Orders on recommendations made in 9th part of the report submitted by Committee of Parliament on Official Language (CPOL) and constitution of Kendriya Hindi Samiti;

To maximize the satisfaction of citizens and clients with regard to the functioning of Department of Official Language (DOL), and its subordinate offices Central Hindi Training Institute (CHTI), Central Translation Bureau (CTB), Regional Implementation Offices (RIOs), and Secretariat of the Committee of Parliament on Official Language (CPOL), through continuous interface with stakeholders; To develop dynamic framework of personnel policy and management, and ceaseless pursuit of qualitative strengthening of Central Secretariat Official Language Services (CSOLS), and officers and officials of Central Hindi Training Institute (CHTI), Central Translation Bureau (CTB), Regional Implementation Offices (RIOs), and Secretariat of the Committee of Parliament on Official Language (CPOL);  Follow up of the recommendations of President’s orders passed in the light of recommendations made by the Committee of Parliament on Official Language (CPOL), and the decision taken by the Kendriya Hindi Samiti (KHS).

The  Functions of the department is to Implement the provisions of the Constitution relating to the Official Language and the provisions of the Official Languages Act, 1963, except to the extent such implementation has been assigned to any other Department. To highlight the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Functions of the Dept. of Official Language, Govt. of India the “Rajbhasha Sammelan” was this year hosted in Mangaluru. The chief guest of the occasion, Vajubhai Rudhabhai Vala- the Honorable Governor of Karnataka was escorted to the dais by Kendra Vidyalaya School marching band. Other dignitaries who joined the Governor on the dais were : Ms Snehlata Kumar-IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Official Language-Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India; Ms Poonam Juneja-Joint Secretary, Official Language Department, A P Malhothra- General Manager- Corporation Bank, Mangaluru; and Malay Chatterjee- CMD- KIOCL, Bengaluru.

The function began with everybody singing the National anthem, followed by invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song by Sangeetha Balachnadran-Audition artist of AIR, Mangaluru. The welcome address was delivered by Ms Poonam Juneja, followed by the inauguration of the Conference by the Governor along with all the dignitaries on the dais, by lighting the traditional lamp. The inaugural ceremony followed close on its heels with the awards ceremony honouring the offices of Central Govt. and Public Undertakings. The presidential address was delivered by Ms Snehalata Kumar, where he stressed on the needs of promoting Hindi in all the central govt. offices and elsewhere.

Chief guest of the occasion, Vajubhai R Vala-Governor of Karnataka addressing the audience said, ” Hindi language had played a vital role as a unifying force during the freedom struggle. I call for concerted efforts to promote Hindi and foster the spirit of national integration. Let us promote Hindi language to serve as a binding force cementing the bond of brotherhood in the country. Hindi has a vibrant potential to foster national integration and amity. I recall the invaluable contribution made by Tukaram, Mirabai, Tulasi Das, Ravi Das and other legendary literary personalities to the promotion of Hindi literature and propagation of the great language. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has also played a vital role in promoting Hindi in India”

The Governor further said, ” By strengthening Hindi, we can strengthen our Nation. We should all make an attempt to learn Hindi, and make it a strong official language of India. Although 75% of Indian population speak Hindi, the rest 25% of the Indians should also try and learn Hindi. I am not telling you to ignore your language and switch to Hindi, what I like you to do is that,Just like you love your mother tongue, you should also like and love Hindi. The best way to learn Hindi these days is by watching Hindi serials/movies/plays on TV -you can do it. Let us all join together to make Hindi, the most popular and most spoken language in India”. While ending his speech, he urged the audience to join him in saying very loudly, “Bharath Matha Ki Jai. Jai Hind, Jai Hindi!”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Harindra Kumar- Director ( Dept. of Official Language-Implementation). Nearly 400-500 high rank officials of the Department of Official Language Dept., Ministry of Home affairs-Govt. of India, and other delegates from the states of Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Union Territories of Pudduchery and Lakshdweep were present at the Sammelan. Among many present were Vijaykumar-Assistant director, Regional Official Language dept, Vasanth Kumar Perla-Assistant Director, Akashwani,Mangaluru;Ramachandra-Station Engineer, Akashwani, Mangaluru; and B V Padma- Station Director, Akashwani, Mangaluru, and others. Topics related to implementation of Official Language addressed by various key-note speakers, and also speeches by various Chairmen of TOLIC, were held after the formal function.

Note : The recording of today’s Sammelan will be relayed tonight ( 27 March) on AIR-Mangaluru from 8.00pm-8.30pm.

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