Jai Tulunadu! Coastalwood Actress Sonal Monteiro all set to make Debut in Bollywood Film

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Jai Tulunadu! “Kudlada Ponnu” that’s “Mangalorean Girl”- Young and talented Sonal Monteiro who had made her Coastalwood debut as a lead actress in the 2015 with Tulu film “Ekka Saka”, and recently starring in yet another Tulu movie “Jai Tulunadu”, having won over critics with her sizzling and bubbly performance is all gearing up to step into Bollywood movies in the coming days.

In the action-filled “Jai Tulunadu ”, which opened in City cinemas a few days ago, the 20-year-old Sonal plays a lady love for Hero, who has to battle with the killers of her brothers. Falling in love with the honest Super Cop. If you think there is a no scope for Heroine in an action movie, then you are wrong, Sonal with her bubbly and strong acting, sizzling Glamorous performance, has won hearts. She has forced the audience to acknowledge her performance and Dance to her Romantic tunes.

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With two more Coastalwood Movies in her kitty, Sonal has already completed Sandalwood Movie and is getting ready for her debut in Marathi movie, and very soon in Bollywood movies.

During this year 2016, Sonal Monteiro is expecting her career to be on the peak with two Coastalwood Film releases, one Sandalwood film release, and one Marathi film release and will be signing a deal with a Bollywood movie, which is already on her cards. No doubt you can say that Sonal Monteiro is the new kid on the block, who is here to stay- and she is the latest sensation in the Tulu and Kannada film world. Sonal is yet another star girl on the glamour horizon- and Team Mangalorean finds her allspice and spunk. She has no qualms about doing intimate scenes and understands that after all, it’s a glamorous business. She has carved her own identity and has made great strides in movie world in such a short span of time.

She is elegant, gorgeous and mesmerizes everyone with her grace and charm, yet she is very humble and down to earth person. Acting in movies, she makes her presence felt with her cool and confident acting. One can say that she is frank and fearless, and doesn’t hide any secret about her life. She has also stunned everyone with her slim and trim avatar and confidence on screen. She is simple, friendly, always smiling and a considerate young lady.

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Sonal chatting with Charan Suvarna – Founder of Fashion abcd


Sonal Monteiro never ceases to surprise. Because talent doesn’t wear with time. It only gets kaleidoscopic-she has mastered the art of balance. If she’s enjoying her real-life role of a grown-up girl, she’s also treading on the untried territory as an artiste. She insists that she has never been part of the mainstream fare. She’s part of the glam world but Sonal has retained her endearing earthiness. Sonal says she’s developed new insights about herself. She has a complex personality and a little bit of a temper, but she has learnt that it is important to be kind.

Born on 11 August 1995 to (late) Vincent and Lita Monteiro, Sonal is one among the three girls in the family- her elder twin sisters are Sharon and Sharal. Having done her schooling at St Mary’s School-Falnir, Mangaluru, she completed her college at St Agnes College-Mangaluru. Sonal says since her childhood she has been a music lover, and at the age of 15, she had her first photo-shoot for a bridal boutique in the City. Competing for the Miss Mangalore 2013 pageant, she has also won the “Miss Beautiful Smile 2013′ contest. Having worked for a video album “Anjea Sarkhen Cheddun”, her first movie debut was Tulu film ” Ekka Sakka” directed by K.Soora J Shetty, which ran full houses at theatres for weeks.


Presently she is working for a Kannada movie “Abhisaarike” which is directed by Madhusudhan. Sonal has participated in many launching events in Mangaluru and also been a part of a couple of charity events including the organ donation program “Jeevanvileena” by the AJ Hospital and Research Centre. She was also a guest at the launching of ‘360-degree Fashion Store”, and was the chief guest for “Mother-n-Daughter Look-a-like” contest awards ceremony, organized by Mangalorean.com at Hotel Taj Gateway. She has been a judge at a couple of Beauty Contest events, including the Elite Miss India 2015 contest held in Delhi recently.

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Sonal has featured in one of the Bollywood magazine “Film Fashion” as the cover girl in the nearest future. She along team “Fashion abcd” will be soon coming up with a Charity organization to support girl children, to fight against sexual assault and workplace harassment. “As a Mangalorean, I feel happy and proud to conduct such events in Mangaluru, especially for the girls who are sexually assaulted and who are in depression,” says Sonal.

Speaking to Mangalorean.com, Charan Suvarna-founder of Fashion abcd (a celebrity management firm) said, “I believe one of the hardest hurdles to someone entering the acting world is age, but particularly at a young age, Success is inevitable with Talent. You will need to have the discipline and heart to say, “This is what I want and I need to sacrifice so that I can do this role, project, film” But if you are willing to make the sacrifice and work your butt off then you can have a successful career as an actor. and this is what I see in Sonal Monteiro. In coming days I count Sonal to be in a league of successful Bollywood actors. I feel proud that fashion abcd has tied up with Sonal in her movie career”.


There is an endearing honesty about the way she approaches her roles that makes her a unique actress indeed. From her clothes to her mannerisms, she received great reviews on her last two Tulu movie “Ekka Sakka”, and “Jai Tulunadu”. All I can say is that within a short period of time that Sonal entered into stardom, she has been a great actress, phenomenal would be the right word. And she has remained approachable, humble and polite despite her stature, is what impresses.

Here are excerpts from my 1 on 1 short and sweet interview with ‘baby-faced” Sonal, that was peppered with giggles :


Q: As a Glamourous girl, did “Jai Tulunadu” Tulu movie break boundaries for you? I am not sure whether your first film “Ekka Saka” did that.

No, it didn’t. In “Ekka Saka ”, I was testing waters. “Ekka Saka ” gave me reach, that I am a Tulu film heroine, can look into the camera and make faces, and dance. Ekka Saka was a massive hit movie., people liked my acting. I found a Glamorous bank inside me that I didn’t know I had. I thought I was a very simple person, but Jai Tulunadu gave me a Glamorous tag. But my upcoming movies “Pilibail Yamunakka” and Kannada debut “Abhisaarike ” will give me an actor tag, I have a lot of scope to show my talent.

Q: So, by the way, are you more confident now?

I find myself being very confident. A certain sense of honesty and awareness goes a long way and people can see that. I want to constantly be very thoughtful when it comes to my work because if that goes away, I will lose the spark.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming film projects?

I have already completed my shoot for Tulu Movie “Pilibail Yamunakka” and Kannada Movie “Abhisaarike”. I am anxiously waiting for the schedule for my Marathi movie. Pretty soon I will be planning to shuttle between Mumbai and Mangaluru, could be kind of hectic but will cope with it. This year I have a resolution to debut in Bollywood and talks are on with production houses. Will soon give you the good news.

Q: What do you think about your signing up with Fashion ABCD?

Signing up with Fashion ABCD has really given a boost to my career. Now I have people to support me and guide me. My boss Charan Suvarna is very supportive and gives me lots of encouragement to come up in my movie career.

Q: Finally, what is your message to ‘Mangalorean.com’ readers, of and your fans in particular?

First and for most I would like to thank Alfie D’Souza, whom I would like to call “Uncle Alfie ?” for being supportive, Violet Aunty-the proprietor of Mangalorean.com and the bevy of Team mangalorean members for the love and support that you have shown towards me. To all the readers of this website, and the fans who patronize my movies I say thanks a million, because of your support and blessings that I am here today. Keep supporting Mangalorean talents. To all the energetic youngster’s out there, work hard like there is no tomorrow. All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work. Work hard achieve success and make Kudla proud. Thank you Alfie “Uncle?” for interviewing me, it is always fun!”

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8 years ago

Wishing you good luck Sonal.

Nelson Lewis
8 years ago

So, there will be one more Mangalorean girl in the rumble and tumble of Bollywood, where life is surreal.

Ryan glen dsouza
8 years ago

You were the best and u will be always be!! Sonal; wana see you soon in the bollywood screens!! God bless

Nelson Lewis
8 years ago

Wishing Sonal Monteiro all the best. Bollywood is the world’s largest film industry, leaving Hollywood in the second place. All said and done, this industry is the second highest paymasters to established stars and that is why many foreign actors, viz. Pakistan, England and other countries wish to act in Bollywood to make some quick and big bucks, which they can save for the rainy day. However, Sonal Mnteiro has to realize that working in Tulu films and trying to establish in Bollywood are two different things. It is a highly competitive work and the fittest survive in the rat… Read more »

Nelson Lewis
8 years ago

Sonal Monteiro looks like Freida Pinto, who became famous with her perfomance in the “Slumdog Millionaire” and since then, unlike Bollywood film stars who are totally hooked to Hindi or Indian films, she is very successful in British and American films and has won many awards and accolades.

8 years ago

Wishing you good luck SONAL MONTEIRO for your career. God bless you

soorya narayana
8 years ago

i wiil wish you all the best your career and future life.