Mangaluru: Lokayukta Officials From Bengaluru Inspect Irregularities in Interlock Work at Bejai New Road

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Mangaluru: During any government work, there are always irregularities and the quality of work is very poor. Sometimes the contractor delays the work, other times it is the negligence of the engineers or a number of other reasons. The general public always have to bear with it. The government takes road tax but the roads in many places are in pathetic condition. Every year in the rainy season, the roads develop huge pot holes which makes it impossible for drivers to judge the depth as the pot holes are always filled with water. Here is an example of quality work carried out by the MCC engineers at Bejai New Road for which the Lokyukta technical team from Bengaluru is in the city for inspection.

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The Karnataka Lokayukta team from Bengaluru carried out inspection of the scope of work done in ward number 31 at Bejai New Road in laying the interlocks and the construction of water drain at Nodu Road on March 19.

On receiving a complaint from RTI activist Ajoy D’Silva, the Karnataka Lokayukta team arrived from Bengaluru. Speaking to Ajoy said, “I have filed a complaint to the Lokayukta regarding the roadside water drain and the interlocks laid on Bejai New Road, ward number 31 on 23 October, 2014. The interlocks have not been fixed according to the estimation and the quality is also not upto the mark. They have fixed the cement blocks for the kerbs which cost only Rs 20. Many blocks have been damaged and the quantity of the estimated blocks is also less. Based on the complaint, the engineer in the Lokayukta team is inspecting the work. The engineer has taken the measurement of the work done and will cross check it with the approved estimate and the set standard. Later, when the report will be submitted, necessary action will be taken accordingly.”

Speaking to, a resident of Bejai New Road, Nigel Albuquerque said that at Nodu Road Bejai, the water drainage work has not been constructed according to the original estimation. In this regard, a complaint was also filed in the Lokayukta. “The technical team of the Lokayukta from Bengaluru is inspecting the actual work done by the MCC. They have identified the original estimation and the work done by the MCC engineers. If the technical team finds any discrepancies, the MCC engineers and others concerned will be held responsible,” he said.

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