Mangaluru: Man Commits Suicide after being Recorded while Thrashed by Locals

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Mangaluru: A man committed suicide by hanging himself after locals thrashed him and recorded the act, at Vamanjoor.

The deceased has been identified as Vasudeva Bhat (58), a resident of Jyothi Nagar, Vamanjoor.


According to sources, Vasudeva Bhat was torturing his wife and son everyday after getting drunk. Local youth who were fed up by his actions, tied him up to a electric pole, sprinkled chilly powder and thrashed him. They also recorded the entire scene on mobile and shared it through whatsapp.


When Vasudev came to know about the video of him being thrashed was circulated in the social media. He was unable to bear the insult and committed suicide on June 26.


Now that the video clipping has gone viral, it has created suspicion about Vasudev’s death.

Kankanady rural police have registered a case and investigation is on.

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  1. Nobody deserves this uncivilized treatment in the hands of some illiterate folks.

    So, let me get this straight. A man was tied to electric pole, thrown chilly powder in his eyes, assaulted in public by ‘local youth’ and the entire incident was video recorded using a phone. And, Police weren’t even aware of this incident ? If this man was torturing his wife and kid, how come it wasn’t reported to Police? I am not sure who to blame – Our unhealthy tendency to settle every conflict using instant beatings OR Police for failing to establish a strong culture of law and order in our society. Our legal system also bears a huge responsibility for being notoriously inefficient in delivering justice.

    Finally, I have a question for our media who made a big deal about some pub attack. How come this incident is not making to national level even though the video footage is available? Is it because his name is Vaasudeva Bhatta and this doesn’t fit your narrative?

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