Mangaluru: Mayoral Polls – Choice of Jacintha Alfred and Purushottam Chitrapura Almost Final

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Mangaluru: Heavy lobbying by aspirants and hopefuls eligible for the post of mayor and deputy mayor of the city has been on over the past days.

Congress has a strength of 35 in the house made of 60 members. The BJP has 20, JD(S) 2, followed by one each from SDPI and CPI(M) and a sole independent.


The mayor’s seat has been reserved for a woman from the general category and deputy mayor for anyone of either gender, also from general category.

Since the mayor’s post is for a woman, the deputy mayor is expected to be a male. All woman councillors are eligible for the post. But since the backward classes will have their reservation by turns, the post was, as expected, to go to general class.

The names most heard were those of Appi, Kavita Sanil, Pratibha Kulai and Jacintha Vijaya Alfred. The last mentioned has won the most number of times. Pratibha Kulai is a double graduate.

Hectic parleys are said to have taken place in the circuit house on Wednesday night. Ramanath Rai, district’s minister-in-charge and MLAs J R Lobo and Mohiuddin Bava held discussions with the elected members until late in the night.

Pratibha Kulai and Jacintha Alfred’s names were reportedly shortlisted. Based on seniority in the house, Jacintha’s name is likely to be announced by Rai on Thursday morning.

For the deputy’s post, the names of Purushottam Chitrapura, Keshava Maroli and Prakash Salian. Purushottam is expected to the final choice to be announced on Thursday.

The BJP does not have any chance to win. Yet, it is likely to give a token fight by fielding Roopa D Bangera for mayor and Rajesh K for the deputy.

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