Mangaluru: MCC Officials Dismantle Petty Shops on Kulshekar – Kaikamba Road

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Mangaluru: Nowadays fast food stalls are coming up like mushrooms in the rainy season. In the city, under the bridges, on the sides of main roads and market areas, we see many of these fast food stalls causing inconvenience to the public.

In a bid to check illegal shops in the city, the MCC Health Department raided petty shops in Kulshekar-Kaikamba area here, on December 15.


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The health department team headed by Manjayya Shetty, raided the area and dismantled all petty shops which were set up illegally, some of them being established about 20 years back.

Speaking to, one of the petty shop owners, Ravindra said that he did not get any notice to vacate the spot. “Today, when we were doing our work, MCC personnel arrived out of nowhere along with the police and demolished all our petty shops,” said Ravindra.

Karunakar ran a petty shop from the past 12 years and used to sell tender coconuts at Kulshekar-Kalpane. “MCC personnel came to us and asked us to stop selling tender coconuts, I did not receive any notice from MCC.”

Another petty shop owner said, “I have been running my shop from the last 20 years, and today, suddenly, the officers from Mangaluru City Corporation demolished our petty shops. We did not receive any information from the MCC personnel to vacate. It is not fair to destroy our belongings as we depend on the petty shop for our daily bread.”

Speaking to, Health Officer  said, regarding the demolition of these petty shops. “We have acted after receiving orders. We have done our duty as per the orders. If any one has issues, they should approach the concerned MCC officials.”

He further said that all the petty shop owners were informed to vacate the area. “We have served them notices thrice but they did not vacate the place. Hence, we have dismantled them and the area will be cleared,” said.

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  1. “…some of them being established about 20 years back” – Report.

    So, I would like to know who in MCC was responsible for keeping an eye on these illegal land encroachment within city limits. And, why is that person or group of people not fired from the job? Seriously? How can they allow these things go on for 15-20 years? Do they do their job at all? I know many shop keepers in Putturu and Bantwaala area who encroached govt land for more than 30 years and govt finally woke up a few years ago when road widening project was taken up!!! What a bunch of incompetent officials and systems we have in India!! Sometimes I wonder how India functions everyday with so much incompetence, chaos and corruption!!

  2. Well done MCC, non of them received notice from MCC…? layers, up to 20years they are using Govt. property apart from that should pay the rent also to MCC for so many years.

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