Mangaluru: MIA to Have E-tourist visa facility Soon – William D’Souza

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Mangaluru: Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India has recently announced, that it would extend the E-tourist visa facility to some more smaller airports in India shortly.


“In view of this, I earnestly request you all to include Mangalore airport to have the E-Tourist visa facility, which will be a boost to Mangalore in promoting exports, trade and commerce. Jet Airways has already begun the connections to the world via Abu Dhabi through its interline partner, Etihad Airways. The facility of E-Tourist visa at Mangalore will help the foreigners to arrive directly into Mangalore instead of via Bombay or Bangalore with shortest time. This will also boost the tourism and many foreign airlines will begin their operations from Mangalore airport which will bring in revenue to exchequer in various forms”, said William.

This will be one of the greatest contribution of yours to the general public of our twin districts and that of our neighboring districts.

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  1. Does anyone know about the rules on etv visa and mangalore. I had a trip planned and when it comes time to board lady shoved me to the side and Told me I couldn’t get on flyby because my visa was an etv visa. So trip lost all money wasted, ethihad won’t even contact me no matter how many times I called. Help, somebody.

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