Mangaluru: Minister U T Khader Inaugurates ‘Snehalaya Manna’ at Wenlock

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Mangaluru: Snehalaya held the inauguration of distributing food “Snehalaya Manna” to attendants of the patients at Government Wenlock hospital here, on August 14.

The programme began with an invocation. Founder of Snehalaya Joseph Crasta welcomed the gathering.

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In his inaugural speech, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, U T Khader said that many VIPs, ministers and MLAs have visited the government hospital but they never thought about the problems faced by the people who are attending the patients in the hospital. “Such thoughts will come only to people having a soft corner towards the poor and the downtrodden. Joseph Crasta has very much concern towards the poor and the downtrodden, so he thought of serving food to people attending patients in the government hospital,” he said.

Khader further said, “Let the humanitarian service continue. In the coming days, we will encourage more NGOs to come forward in other district government hospitals to distribute food to people attending the patients. Some NGOs have already expressed their desire to do the good work.”

He also said that delivering speeches about patriotism will not make oneself a real patriot, but those who have concern about the destitutes, the poor and downtrodden are the real patriots. “The power the ministers have and enjoy is not permanent but the power of those who serve mankind is permanent.” He asked everyone gathered to inculcate the spirit of service and thus be a real patriot.

Further continuing, he said that in the government hospitals there is a problem of Group D employees. “We have already appointed 1000 people but there is still a dearth of group D employees which we need to take care of. When we invite applications with 10th pass qualification, degree holders also apply. Once the degree holders are selected for the job, they demand and perform only selective work; they are not ready to take care of the patients.” He urged the group D employees to work efficiently and look after the patients. He also assured to build a shelter for the people attending the patients and start a library in the hospital. “Mother Teresa’s name reminds us of humanitarian service. When she was serving the poor and the destitute, people were criticizing her. In every good work, there will be criticism; whatever the criticism, we need to rise above it and serve society,” he added.

MLA J R Lobo and Dr Abdul Rouf each donated a vehicle to Snehalaya for transporting food. J R Lobo and Dr Abdul Rouf were felicitated on the occasion by Minister Khader and Fr Victor Machado, Parish Priest of Cordel Church.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder of Talent Research Foundation Rouf Puthige said that already 80 people have come forward to support Snehalaya to provide food for people attending the patients in Wenlock. In the coming days, more and more people will join hands with Snehalaya. He assured to bring 100 more people to support this noble cause. He also said, “There were rumours that this world will end soon because of the bad people. But after seeing the work of Snehalaya, I feel the world will not end very soon. My grand children and great grand children will see this world prospering because of the good people in this world. We have more good people and very less bad people. The world is becoming bad because the good people are serving this world silently. Let all the good people come forward to make this world a better place to live.”

Mayor Jacintha Alfred, District Surgeon Dr Rajeshwari and Yogish Shetty Jeppu also spoke on the occasion. Fr Victor Machado delivered the presidential address. Parish Priest of St Alphonsa Church Kankanady Fr Sebastian Chelakapalli blessed the meals.

MLA J Lobo, Dr Abdul Rouf, Elias Fernandes were also present. Later J R Lobo and U T Khader served meals to all.

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