Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo Inaugurates Unique Concept ‘Juice Therapy at Kadri park.

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7Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo inaugurated the new concept to maintain good health “Juice Therapy”, near Dinky Ice Cream, at Kadri Park here on January 23.

Speaking to J R Lobo said, “This is a very good venture and first time in Mangaluru. It is a Unique concept to maintain good health initiated by Umesh Raj. It is an appropriate place for the people who come to the park for the morning walk or jogging. They are very much conscious about their health and with natural juices such as bitter gourd, carrot juice, Papaya, cucumber and ash gourd they can maintain their health in a organic and natural way. More and more people should be conscious about this and they should get the benefit. These type of outlets should be more in different parts of the city which will facilitate to have more healthy people in our society. I wish all the best to the venture and congratulate Umesh Raj for his wonderful thought with a unique concept”.

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Umesh Raj said, “My sister is a doctor and she was saying that in Delhi people are taking very good care of their health and juice therapy is the best concept. I have seen people walk with empty stomach and after the walk for about 20 minutes if they drink a juice it will help the people to maintain good health. Guest satisfaction is our satisfaction and people can chose their juice according to their health. “.

Dr Annaiah Kulal said, “It is a health promoting therapy, a constructive development which we are seeing in a unique way. This concept we have given long back to the world and it is coming back to India. We should make use of our own products, so that it makes our farmers independent. We did not know the importance of our own products. We are producing vegetables but we prefer ready made junk food which is not good for our health. This is a good concept and I appreciate Umesh for taking this initiative”.

KMC Hospital also joined hands to promote the idea an conducted a free health check-up.

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Original R.Pai
8 years ago

Yes, Juice therapy!! Also, nothing like surrounded by cameras and attending more and more ‘udhghaatana samaarambha’!!! No wonder these guys are missing when it comes to ‘swachcha mangalooru’ events!