Mangaluru: Monsoon Arrives with a Big Bang, Heavy Rains with Thunder and Lightning Lash District

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Mangaluru: This year’s monsoon started with a big bang in the district here, on June 4.

As predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department, the monsoon season started with heavy rains, thunder and lighting.

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Until June 3, there was no rain but on June 4, the district witnessed severe rains which started at around 12.45 p.m, disrupting traffic and normal life. Most of the people who did not carry any rain protection gear were caught unaware.

Rain water was seen flowing on the roads as there are no proper rain water drains in the city. Many of the places were filled with water. The compounds of some houses in low level areas were filled with water.

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The district administration should take measures to make proper rain water drains before the Monsoon. In Kulshekar, the ward corporator is not ready to visit the place to assess and solve their problems. When the problems were informed to him by a residents, he said to address the problem with the commissioner.

The concerned authorities of the Mangaluru City Corporation should take note of it and take action against such negligent corporators.

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  1. Throw this Corporator out of MCC. If He or She is not helpful for Citizens needs, why We need these useless. If this Corporator is asking the Public to call the Commissioner, then why We need Him at Tax payer’s neck. Useless people become Elected to choke the City through corruption. Now these people hate the Commissioner because they cannot rob the Public.

  2. Rain is an act of God. Rain is a blessing for every country, particularly populated countries such as India where water is a precious commodity. Due to lack of proper drainage or proper conservation methods of saving the precious water from rain, there will always be disruption for the road traffic due to accumulation of water. Just last week Houston and Dallas, Texas were flooded with ten feet of water by blocking major highways and skyways and disrupting the movements for several days. Thousands of homes in low levels were drifted away. Thousands of vehicles that got caught with heavy water tide on the broad highways were virtually under water after floating in the water like toys.

    When torrential rains hit the City unexpectedly, weather forecasts become redundant and you are at the mercy of God so that your home is saved and your family is safe. In times of weather crisis or any other major calamity that takes place beyond human control, it is advisable to remain calm and peaceful and render a hand of help to all those that are at the helm of their responsibilities in the Cities or Counties or even Punchayats.

    All said and done, we need rain for our daily survival. We need our water wells to remain safe, and so also our water pipes and water tanks. We need to save ourselves from the insects or mosquitos that sprout as a result of the stagnant water by timely spraying insecticides. Meanwhile let it rain, let it rain, so that our rice fields become wet and that our farmers will be able to toil and bring us the gift of the season that will last us for our year long needs.

    Let our rivers get filled with enough rain water, and so also our water wells and lakes. Let us find more ways to conserve the rain water so that the water can be used in proportion from season to season. Let our City fathers bring some more water experts so that they can think of some timely measures and save the people from any major disaster. God bless.

  3. ‘huyyo huyyo maLeraaya…’ Reminds me of my primary school days in a small town. The force of rain would make us close all windows and cause temporary darkness inside the classroom. The loudness of heavy rain landing on poor ‘mangalore tiles’ would often force our ‘class teacher’ return to her seat and stop all the boring lessons !! I remember instances when schools had to declare a day off due to heavy rains.

    @ Joe – I like your passion, my friend. I wish many more had zero tolerance towards corruption the way you do!!

    @ Max and Jessi – A small correction. Rain is an act of nature, not God. The weather forecast is getting better every year and they can forecast the events to a greater accuracy with the help of faster computers and algorithms. Most of the chaos you see in our cities are due to a incompetent leaders, officials and our depressing tolerance towards corruption!!

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