Mangaluru: Mumbai Luxury Bus Driver Assaulted by a group of 60 – Valuables lost

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Mangaluru: A Mumbai Luxury bus driver was assaulted by a group of 60 men at Kumta on January first when he was on the way to Maharastra with 35 passengers. Luxury bus drivers staged a protest without attending duty near Morgansgate here on January 2.

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Speaking to the bus driver of Anand Travels Vijay Kumar (38), who was on the way to Mumbai said, “I was driving the bus to Mumbai along with another driver and a cleaner on January 1, at Kumta, the bus was stopped for checking by a group, the owner along with 60 others pulled me out of the bus and assaulted me. They also threatened my if I do not listen to whatever they say. I have lost Rs 31,000, a gold chain and a gold ring during the assault”.


When asked why the owner along with others assaulted him, he said that the owners are illegally transporting parcels from Mangaluru to Mumbai and from there we have to carry the parcel to Mangaluru. When we refuse they threaten us.

Vijay Kumar also said that there were 35 passengers in the bus, for the sake of the passengers, the other driver continued the trip to Mumbai.

One of the driver said that the owners make us to work for 24X7 but for each trip we get only Rs 1250 which is not enough for three days. As per supreme court order no extra luggage which does not belong to the passangers should be taken. But the owners to earn additional income transport extra luggage from Mangaluru to Mumbai and back.

The protesters demanded justice to the victim and also demanded for allowances from the owners. They also said that until they get justice they will not attend resume duty.

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