Mangaluru: Need to Learn how to Act During Disaster – S Murugan

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Mangaluru: The district home Guards in association with the District Fire Service department observed the National Disaster Reduction Day, at the SP office grounds here on February 11.





Prior to the programme, a rally was held from the Milagres Church premises which culminated at the SP office Grounds. Parish Priest of Milagres Church Fr Valerian D’Souza flagged off the rally.

The second-in-command Homeguards Mohammed Ismail welcomed the gathering. Chief Fire Officer H S Varadaraj briefed on how to reduce disasters and how to involve ourselves in reducing disasters. He said that the children can involve themselves in reducing disasters in their homes, when their parents take them to school on the two wheeler and they do not wear the safety helmet, they should politely ask them to wear the helmet which is compulsorily to avoid accidents. Youth instead of wearing helmets, they hold it in their hands and when they see the police they wear it. Helmet is not a showpiece which is to be worn only to be shown to the police, but to save yourselves from disaster.

Asst Deputy commissioner Srinivas Prabhu speaking on the occasion said that disaster can happen anywhere anytime, so we need to be always prepared. Public should also join hands to reduce the disaster, he said.

Police commissioner S Murugan speaking on the occasion compared the disaster management in India and other countries. When there was Tsunami in Japan, people did not close their main doors, even the groceries and shops were open and they fed the people who were in need and provided shelter for the victims, and there was was no  theft during the difficult time. In India, in Kedarnath, when there was a flood and many lives were lost, gold ornaments and other belongings were stolen even from the dead bodies. At that time it is said that one bottle of bisleri water was sold for Rs 5000.

He further said that only the police department, fire department and home guards cannot prevent or reduce disasters, if there is no public participation disaster reduction is not possible.  Students can play an vital role in bringing awareness among the people. Instead of running away from the disaster spot, we need think of helping the victims in such situations. When we understand our duties and join hands with the police department, fire department and home guards, we can prevent and reduce disasters in our country.

Commandant Homeguards Dr Murali Mohan Chuntar in his presidential address said that we do not know when there will be disaster. Mangaluru is a very sensitive area, since there are number of industries we need to be very careful. We have to educate the society about disaster reduction.  He further said that our culture should be like “How to behave when no one is watching us”.  We are wearing helmet when police watch us. Helmet is not for the safety of the police but it is for the safety of the rider while riding. We have to be responsible citizens while living in the society.

Meena Malani delivered the vote of thanks. There was a mock drill from the fire department.

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