Mangaluru: NSUI Condemns Assault on Student at PA College, Demands Justice

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Mangaluru: Members of the NSUI staged a protest in front of the PA College, to demand justice to a student who has been attacked by senior students of the college, here on November 9.

Speaking to, president of NSUI Ashith Pereira said that on November 8, a student Venkatramana – who is studying in PA College of Engineering – was assaulted by the seniors of the college in the Principal’s chamber. He further said that parents send their children from far away places to pursue education trusting the college authority to keep their children safe. But if students will be assaulted inside the college premises, this will create fear in the minds of the parents.


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“As soon as we got news about the assault, NSUI got into action. We immediately met the college Principal and demanded strict action against those who were involved in the assault. We also informed the police to take action against the students who act as goons inside the campus,” said Ashith. The college authority informed the parents of all the students who were involved in the assault as well as Venkatramana’s parents about the incident. The parents reached the college and discussed the matter with the college authority.

It is also learnt that students from Kerala assaulted the student from Karnataka and this is common in the college. The college authority and the police assured to take strict action against those who involved in the assault. Venkatramana sustained head injuries in the assault and is now recovering.

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