Mangaluru: Nurses-The Angels of Mercy,Care & Friendship! Nurses Day Celebrated at Fr Muller’s Hospital

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‘They give tender loving care from day to day, giving encouragement and hope in their special way. With loving hands they heal the hurt. They are full of concern and commitment. Their special, caring ways touch so many lives. They are compassionate and dedicated to their profession- all of this makes a NURSE’

Mangaluru: International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated around the world on 12 May of each year, to mark the contributions nurses make to society. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has celebrated this day since 1965. In January 1974, 12 May was chosen to celebrate the day as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered the founder of modern nursing. IND was celebrated at Fr Muller’s Charitable Institutions on Tuesday, 12 May 2015, with a Mass at 7.30am at St Joseph’s Chapel in the Campus, followed by a formal programme at 10.30am at the FMCI Academy hall.


While I write this column, as a kind gesture for their hard and dedicated service to the sick and suffering, I would like to honor and respect the nurses, who are the “Angels of Mercy and Care”. Having a nurse in the family is like having a doctor, because a nurse knows most of what a doctor knows. Nurses have a tremendous knowledge of health care, and their love and caring is impeccable. How I know that is, my two sister-in-laws are registered nurses and they have shown those qualities towards me whenever I was sick.

Our family has a very close connection with Fr Muller’s Charitable Institutions- both my sister-in-laws, Florine D’Souza-Rodrigues, and Alice D’Souza-Miranda were students of FMCI and also worked there before they moved to USA. Also my niece, Dr Viola D’souza, who rendered service at FMCI as Head of Radiology Dept. for quite a few years recently moved to Las Vegas-USA to join her husband there. And for that matter, I am very much closely associated with few of the doctors and staff rendering service at FMCI- a great institution, is all that I can say.

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On a visit to a hospital, you will see the nurses everywhere, always on the move, tending to the tiniest of details and the most imperative of needs. Around the clock, they serve the patients, not only checking their vitals, but also making sure they are comfortable and giving them emotional support. When doctors and patients become demanding, nurses choose to serve with grace and spiritual beauty in India. The only time that I disliked the nurses when they made me lower my pants little lower the waist and then stuck that sharp needle into my buttocks. How mean- but no matter what I still love the nurses.

The people who are committed to nursing are proud of the work they do. With helping hands, with words of cheer, with caring hearts year after year, nurses show without a doubt what loving care is all about. Their caring makes a true difference. Their comforting words and skillful healing touch makes them so special. So next time you respect your doctors, also respect the nurses, too- because the nurses are really the doers.

A nurse knows the strength of gentleness, gives the gift of kindness and lives a life of caring. A nurse can soothe with gentleness that takes pain away. A nurse is like an angel spreading hope to those they help each day. May God bless all the nurses who are committed to the betterment of the sick and the suffering, both young and old. As it is said in Fr Muller’s Institution Anthem, “We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal; We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal” – no doubt that the nurses of FMCI are being praised in the society as the best care, love and friendship giving nurses among the rest of the institutions in town-my congratulations to them all.

The “International Nurses Day” at FMCI was celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass at St Joseph’s Chapel at 7.30am in the FMCI premises, con-celebrated by Fr Richard Coelho – Administrator, FMMCH, along with other clergy namely Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa- Administrator, FMMC, and Fr Anthony S-Chaplain at FMCI. Miss Reena- a FMCI nurse briefed about the Nurses day, and also about the nurses at FMCI. During the offertory, 52 nurses carried 52 various food items, that would be later donated to the FMCI kitchen to feed the needy.

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In his homily, Fr Richard Coelho said, ” You all nurses have come and joined here “To Serve With Love”, and it is our Christian mission that we follow at this institution. You have come to serve the suffering humanity with love. You should know that aspect of sharing comes from love”. Quoting words from the Bible, “”Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”- The emphasis lies not on “friends,” but on “laying down his life” for them; that is, One can show no greater regard for those dear to him than to give his life for them, and this is the love ye shall find in Me.” Fr Coelho said, ” Just like Jesus served with love for all humanity, you nurses should also follow in his footsteps by doing service with love”.

He further said, ” As nurses you should foster unity and brotherhood, by rendering your loving service to the sick and suffering patients. On this special day, let’s ask Lord to bless us, protect us and guide us so that we can carry on with our duties well. Let’s become the instrument of love. Finally praise and adore the Lord for making you a Nurse and serve the patients at FMCI with love and care. Amen”. I would like to compliment the choir led by Jeena Susan and Laveeta Gomes (on Organ) with bevy of singers, who gave their best performance- I never seen or heard such a choir before- the choir simply rocked with their beat rhymed hymns, and when they sang their final prayer song, ” In the Spirit..Nacho gaavo, masti banavo Yaro..” – it was kind off like a Bolywood song, I felt like dancing. Great choir, great group!- Keep it up. Not just me, quite a few faithful also complimented the choir group, including a elderly man ( seen in pic here).

The Mass was followed by a formal celebration at 10.30am at the Academy Hall, where the chief guest was Mayor of Mangaluru City Corporation, Jacintha Alfred, with guests of honor namely, Fr Richard Coelho- Administrator, FMMCH; FR Patrick Rodrigues- Director,FMCI; Sr Aileen Mathias-Chief Nursing Officer; and Sr Janet D’Souza- Nursing Superintendent. Following the welcome prayer rendered by the nursing students, the welcome address and introduction of the guests was done by Sr Aileen Mathias. Later the garlanding the portraits of Florence Nightingale and Fr Muller was done by the dignitaries on the dais. Veteran Nurse, Sr Alphonsa Ancheril was felicitated for her many years of service in the Nursing field.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred quoting Florence Nightingale’s words-‘ Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back’, said, ” As nurses you should not aim at getting laurels or awards, but do it for the mission, serving the mission of Christ. Heal the wounds of the sick, take care of the suffering and so on, but do it with dedication, love and care. Follow these words of Teri Thompson-‘ Let me dedicate my life today to the care of those who come my way. Let me touch each one with healing hands and the gentle art for which I stand. And when tonight when the day is done, oh let me rest in peace if I have helped just one’- You are all best nurses serving at Fr Muller’s Hospital-wish you all the best”.

Fr Richard Coelho said, ” Nurses are Angels of friendship, because you give care and service to humanity with love. Keep your heart open all the time. If you want to have more love, you meed to give more love; If you want more Kindness, you need to give more kindness; and if you want patience, you need to give more patience. You are all doing a great job serving the patients with love, care and dedication- keep up the good work that you all are entrusted with, and may God bless you all to be better and caring nurses”.

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Fr Patrick Rodrigues recalling an instance where he was asked by an anchor of a local TV channel, as per public why the service rendered by the nurses at Fr Muller’s Hospital is getting satisfactory now as compared to years back, Fr Rodrigues said to the audience, ” There is no way as far as I know that the service by our nurses is poor or satisfactory, I told the TV channel anchor. Public may say many things, but you need to see to believe what people say. I am not saying that our nurses are 100% good, a few errors may happen here and there. No one is perfect, but I compliment our nurses at FMCI for being very caring, dedicated and loving, no matter what others feel about them”.

Fr Rodrigues continued further saying, ” I then asked the TV person who interviewed me, tell me how many nurses do you know from institutions around us that have come out in flying colors, have readiy got a jobs abroad when they got out of their institution? There was no quick answer from the TV anchor. I know our nurses stand tall, they are needed very much in foreign countries since they completed their studies/training at FMCI. This is because of the intensive training, morals and the best education that we give here- and that is our strength. Our nurses are very concerned and bring changes for the betterment of the patients and society. They put love in their service when they treat their patients. I feel proud of our nurses, no matter what public have to say about them. Long live our nurses and best of luck”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Sr Janet D’souza, while the entire programme was professionally compered by Sonia Sequeira and Carol Noronha. The formal program was followed by a cultural program comprising of songs, music and Bollywood and Goan folk dances. I end this column with lyrics from the song “Thank the Nurse” by Country Joe McDonald :

“Doctors and Physicians diagnose and prescribe.
Surgeons can operate but they don’t save your life.
For when the fever’s burning, who helps you through the night
Gives you medication and checks your vital signs?
When you wake up in recovery who’s right there by your side? With a smile and reassurance, restoring your self-pride.


Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you.
The one that nursed you through.
Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you,
For saving your life….for saving your life..

Oh, the Doctor is important of that we can’t deny.
But when you get down to it, the Nurse keeps you alive.
The one who cleans your body and bandages your wounds.
The one who makes your bed, gives you medicine and food.
Helps you through contractions, until the pain subsides.
Encourage you to make it ’till you hear your baby cry!

Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you.
The one that nursed you through.
Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you
For saving your life….for saving your life…

When you’re sick and convalescing you’re seldom in the mood
To pay attention to the one attending you.
So full of rack and worry you think you’ll lose your mind.
You survived the accident but all your friends have died.
When the orderly is sleeping and physician can’t be found
No need for apprehension a nurse is making rounds!

Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you.
The one that nursed you through.
Thank the Nurse that’s nursing you
For saving your life….for saving your life…

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  1. Dear Violet

    Thanks for your appreciation towards the service of nurses. Thanks for sending Alfi for the programme and giving good coverage. May god bless you and grant your hearts wishes.

    Thanking you
    Sr Aileen

  2. It is nice to know that Fr. Muller’s Hospital celebrated the International Nurses Day in Mangalore with a nice gathering followed by the liturgical services at the Chapel. It was nice to witness wrapped gifts offered during the offertory. Nurses deserve all possible attention and gratitude for all that they dedicate not only for the patients but also for the Doctors as well. Nurses are a direct link between the patients and the Doctors. Nurses witness the pain, the suffering and all other physical agonies more than the Doctors, and render their personal help selflessly in order to make the patient cured for his or her illness and go home with joy. Nurses walk into a patient’s room with a smile, knowing too well the progress a patient is making, regardless of the actual situation.

    A nurse will always console the patient “You will be alright soon – cheer up – I am here to share your pain and concern”. A Nurse will check the temperature, the blood pressure and also the pulse rate and will appear every hour with the medication. A Nurse gets calls from many other patients, and a Nurse will run to every patient and give her best of everything in order to make the patient happy and satisfied regardless of her own aches and pains.

    I have been gifted with a Nurse within the four walls of my “dear home”. She is not only a Nurse but acts more as a Doctor, a Mentor, a Partner and also a Friend. She can be a benevolent Dictator if she wants to be one. She may be retired few years ago but she is getting younger in her heart, stronger in her body and tender in her touch, and she makes her dear husband for 52 years feel that he is in good shape and good health, and will live for many more years provided he listens to her and continues to be her beloved and loyal husband for ever.

    Nurses have been blessed with a special gift of love, the patience and tolerance. Nurses are truly “God Sent” angels without any title. They give unto a patient more than they take at the end of the month. I have a sincere wish that I should be conscious enough, mindful enough and alert enough, until the last minute of my life, so that I can hold the Nurse’s loving hands, make a tearful eye contact, and whisper to her: “Thank you, sweet Angel, for all your humanitarian dedication to life. Its time for me to say ‘good bye’ but I shall remember you while in heaven, and shall pray for you from above so that you can live longer, happier, and help many other patients in their struggles of life”.
    That’s all I have to say on the International Nurse’s Day. God Bless.

    • How many satellite branches this hospital has?
      One in Udupi, Kundapoor, Honnavar, perhaps?
      What takes to multiply?

  3. Beiing one of ex Mullerian, really proud of Fr Mullers for teaching values of dedication,good workmanship, leadership qualities, loving and caring for patients, spiritual guide too…Presently working in reputed Hospital in UAE…as Nuse Incharge trying to follow same principles….Thanks to teaching faculty and Hospital Service team………..Wish you all Happy Nurses Day

  4. As a Alumni of Fr Mullers’ Nursing Institute I would like to thank Team Mangalorean Rep Alfie D’Souza for the kind words of wisdom that he has mention in his exclusive report- thanks a million Sir!

    As a Alumni of FMCI, I want to thank the management and sisters for giving the best training, education and the knowledge that I needed in my nursing field- I am doing good in USA with good pay and leisure life-thanks to Fr Muller’s for making me what I am now.

    Thanks alfy and for an exclusive coverage on Nurses Day- May God bless you all.

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