Mangaluru: Padmashri Dr Manmohan Attavar Inaugurates Fruits Extravaganza ‘Vasanthotsava’

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Mangaluru: The Pilikula Nisargadhama held a spring festival “Vasanthotsava, Fruits Extravaganza (exhibition cum sale)” at Pilikula here, on May 24.

The Vasanthotsava was inaugurated by the Chairman of Indo-American Hybrid Seeds India Private Limited, Padmashri Dr Manmohan Attavar by cutting the Rudraksha Jackfruit. He was also felicitated by the Executive Director of Pilikula Nisargadhama, S A Prabhakar Sharma on the occasion.


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Addressing the mediapersons, Sharma said, “After the successful Fish Carnival which was held on May 17, we have organized the Spring festival “Vasanthotsava”, a exhibition cum sale of all the fruits which grow in this season. We have a variety of jackfruits, mangoes, pineapples and food prepared using fruits. We have put up 80 stalls, out of which 70 are occupied. This “Vasanthotsava” is the first of its kind in Pilikula and our intention is to re-connect the youth with nature. Most of the stalls are occupied with jackfruits, mangoes and seasonal fruits. We are encouraging people who are into agriculture. We will hold such events every month to attract people towards Pilikula.”

He further said that the fish carnival saw a huge increase in the number of visitors and surely, the Vasanthotsava will also be a huge success. “The main objective of the Fish Carnival was to see that our aqua-culture is promoted and awareness related to fishes is created among the general public. One important event that day was netting the fishes in the lake, to show that if proper feeding is done, you can get good fishes. Another event that was important was the angling. There was an unprecedentedly huge response for this event, and this has prompted us to set-up a Pilikula Anglers Club to involve anglers in Pilikula activities. Another dimension to the fish carnival was the exhibition and sale of fish eatables, which also received a huge response. Some improvements have to be done, and we will do them in the coming years. This will become an annual affair. The Vasanthotsava is another event to promote the conservation of flora of the Western Ghats. As part of this endeavour, we are giving opportunity to fruit-growers to exhibit and sell their produce. There is no charge to set-up stalls this year. This event will also be conducted annually.”

DC Ibrahim speaking on the occasion said that the main objective of the Vasanthotsava is to familiarize the younger generation with nature. “Nowadays, we have neglected many fruits such as Jackfruits. To bring awareness among the people about these fruits and plants, we have organized the Spring festival.”

The Spring festival will be open for public till 5 pm. MLA J R Lobo, Director Pilikula H Jayaprakash Bhandary, Pradeep Kumar Kalkura and others were also present.

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