Bengaluru: Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh Gives a New Connotation to MODI

Patna-Aug.27,2011-Union Rural Development Minister, Jairam Ramesh is addressing to media persons at Soochna Bhawan in Patna. Photo by - Sonu Kishan.
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Bengaluru: Prime minister Narendra Modi’s media-friendly campaign managers and Net-savvy spin doctors had come out with creative and innovative ways to project him as the future PM during the run-up to last year’s Lok Sabha elections.

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The one that caught the nation’s imagination the most was the epithet NaMo, a cute abbreviation of Narendra Modi, which also has a ring of salutation and religious appeal. RaGa which was coined by the media to represent Rahul Gandhi did not get the equal response from the public.

Chikkamagaluru-born Jairam Ramesh, Congress leader and former Union minister for environment, is always known for powerful oratory, although not necessarily irreverent. He has been a harsh critic of the NDA government, esp., regarding the proposed land acquisition law.

He, while addressing the mediapersons in the KPCC office on Queen’s Road here on Saturday, in his inimitable style, gave a new connotation to the word MODI by saying that it was an acronym for Murderer Of Democratic India.

He slammed the Modi government for backing out on election promises like transparent administration and questioned as to why his govenment had not appointed the chief commissioner for the information commission for over eight months and the chief vigilance commissioner for the last six months.

Saying that most of NDA government’s plans were in fact earlier government’s but only introduced with new names, thereby proving that Modi was a mere ‘re-packaging guru’. Even in the matter of parliamentary participation, Modi’s record was poor, he said. In the past year, 53 bills had been placed before the Lok Sabha, out of which only 5 had gone to the standing committee. The NDA government had created such a situation as to make the judiciary too to feel concerned.

Listing the ways in which the NDA rule had become a ‘U-turn’ government, Ramesh recalled that when Modi was the Gujarat chief minister, he had severely opposed the Indo-US nuclear treaty, GST bill and issuance of Aadhaar cards to the people of the country, Ramesh said.

Once in power in Delhi, he became a staunch propounder of these three subjects overnight. The governace had attained arrogance and become a one-man government and Modi was being identified abroad as the ‘selfie prime minister’, Ramesh said.

He recalled that when he was the Union minister for rural development three years ago, he had made a statement that this country needed toilets more than the temples. A big ruckus was made about it. But now Modi had been speaking on the same lines, he said.

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  1. There are few good guys in Congress party
    For example Jayapala, Reddy, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia including Jayaram Ramesh.
    Unfortunately they have no future in Congress party.
    Once upon a time Congress party used to be a true national party.
    Now it has become a true private limited company owned by the mother and her son.
    Both mother and son are “indispensable”
    Rest of the members are like slaves working for the party.
    The Congress members work and serve in the interests of 2G, for them interests of the nation is the least priority.

    I am willing join congress if they get rid 2G,s and the party becomes a democratic party.

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