Mangaluru Police rescue Kidnapped Richard from Bharatpur

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Mangaluru Police rescue Kidnapped Richard from Bharatpur

Mangaluru : The police have succeeded in rescuing the kidnapped person from Bharatpur said the police commissioner Chandra Sekhar in a press meet held at the commissioner’s office here on August 3.

richard-kidnapped-20160803Richard Marian Lazarus

Addressing the mediapersons Chandra Sekhar said that the owner of Kirloskar dealership received a call from Bharatpur saying that they have 4 generators they wanted to dispose of. Trusting the caller the owner of the shop Arun D’Souza sent Richard Marian Lazarus to Rajasthan on July 28. Richard reached Bharatpur on July 30 and met the caller. There Richard was kidnapped. Later the caller called Arun and demanded to pay Rs 10 lakh ransom, failing which he would face the consequences.

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In this regard, a case was filed in the Rural police station by Arun D’Souza.

Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar further said, “On July 30, Arun D’Souza met me in my office and informed me about the abduction and kidnap of Richard. In this connection, we formed a special team to investigate the case under the able leadership of DCP L&O Shantharaju, DCP Crime and Traffic Dr Sanjeev Patil, and ACP Shruthi. I have also contacted the IGP of Rajasthan Ashok Varishta and SSP Bharatpur Kailash Vishnoi through the phone”.

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On July 31, we have confirmed the presence of the accused in Athiya in Mathura. We have also contacted the IGP Durga Charan Mishra and SSP Mathura Bablu Kumar over the phone to help in nabbing the kidnappers. We have also sent a team of police from Mangaluru to Mathura.

Accordingly, the SI from Ullal Police station Vijayaraj and Head Constables Mohan from Mangaluru rural police station, Prakash Pinto and Pavan Raj travelled to Mathura and reached there on August 1. With the support of IGP, the police found the victim in ‘Deeg’ area. When the kidnappers got the news they started to shift Richard from one place to another. The police arrested three persons belong to a gang called “Izaz” but they still could not find Richard. The police then recovered 8 bikes, a pistol, ganja and bullets from their possession. When the kidnappers got the news that three persons of Izaz gang were arrested, they shifted Richard to a place called Goverdhan and fled from there.


When the police rescued Richard from Goverdhan area, he said that when he had reached Bharatpur he was kidnapped and kept it in a building for three days. The gang has 12 persons and 6 of them were monitoring him all the time. The police have taken all the measures to arrest the gang and soon they will be arrested. Richard is safe and he is now with the Mangaluru police at Mathura.

It is only possible with the help of the interstate police and Mangaluru police have shown that they are capable of handling any cases with the support of the interstate police.

Police commissioner also thanked the Bharatpur, Mathura police and Karnataka police for their support in the rescue operation.

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