Mangaluru : Ramakrishna Mission holds 36th Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan in Kodialbail Area

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Mangaluru: 36th Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan was carried out by Ramakrishna Mission at the Navabharath Circle in Kodialbail area on 24 January 2016 from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. N Yogish Bhat, Former MLA, Mangaluru and Corporator Premananda Shetty flagged off the 36th drive in the presence of Swami Jitakamanandaji, President, Ramakrsihna Math, Mangaluru and Captain Ganesh Karnik, MLC.

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Prof. Mahesh K B, volunteers from Nivedita Balaga, Students of Govt. First Grade College, Car Street, Students from St Aloysius College under Alwyn Dais, Lecturer, Members of Art of Living under Sadashiva Kamath, Members of Rotary Club of Highland under Ranjan, Satish Bhat, Prof. Sheshappa Amin, K V Sathyanarayana, Sujith Pratap, Capt. Brijesh, Vittaldas Prabhu, Dr Satish Rao, Ramkumar Bekal, Suresh Shetty, Dilraj Alva and several other eminent persons were present. About 150 volunteers participated in the Abhiyan.

Volunteers were first divided into four groups. The team under Captain Brijesh cleaned the interiors of Navabharath Circle, The team of students from Aloysius College cleaned the road leading from Passport office to Bishop House, Members of Art of Living cleaned the road leading to Dongarkeri, and the fourth team cleaned the surroundings of the Navabharath Circle.

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Due to poor maintenance, Navabharath Circle had lost its beauty and was only being used to paste posters, banners and advertisements. Hence the team under Yogish Bhat rooted out all the weeds and cleaned the periphery of the circle. All the posters were removed from the grills and railings of the circle and the railings were painted anew after washing.

The road leading from Navabharath Circle to Dongarkeri was full of piled up garbage and waste. Volunteers were shocked to see that even after clearing heaps after heaps they still could not exhaust. Hence with the help of JCB and tipper, the dirt, broken glass and garbage was removed and cleared.

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The drainage in the area were used for throwing garbage by the local public. The one in front of Hotel Ocean Pearl was an example for this. The volunteers from Rotary Highland under the leadership of Ranjan cleaned the garbage and helped for the easy movement of drain water.

Volunteers also distributed handbills on Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan to generate awareness among the locals in the area.

MRPL, Principal Patron of the event sponsored the drive.

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8 years ago

good work by ramakrishna mission and the students, and volunteers.
It is not enough if only they do it. the public too has to realise their responsibilities
and not litter.
Other day a man threw a cigarette packet on the road when my husband was on his morning walk.
He asked him not to throw it there. the other man almost shouted at him” what is your problem ? other garbage is already present there.” my husband told him- yes people like you are littering the road. and tax paid by me is being used to clean it!”

8 years ago
Reply to  vidya

@Vidya. Well said madam. I heard Ramakrishna Mission is going to launch 2nd phase of Swacch Mangalore in next month. In that 40 different groups will take up this job in different places of Mangalore city. Please read today’s Express for details. Let’s join this movement and to be a real and proud Mangalorean. Some people are always busy with fault finding. Let they continue it. But I join this great movement SWACCH MANGALORE

8 years ago
Reply to  vidya

” my husband told him- yes people like you are littering the road. and tax paid by me is being used to clean it!” – mrs Vidya

Well, how can one assume that the other man isn’t paying tax too?

B. N. Pai
8 years ago
Reply to  Praveen

Praveen – “Well, how can one assume that the other man isn’t paying tax too?

Everyone pays tax and nobody could escape it. But, the tax is paid to clean and not for advertising to clean. The advertisement does not clean, but is a tool for political publicity. Are we to publicise for politically motivated acts or is it to clean by using the tax payer’s money?

shaiKh MohD rizwan
8 years ago

Dear readers, I appreciate RamaKrishna mission unique service to the mankind.Cleanliness is one of the main object which present the first image of person or place.Thanks for inviting the people’s representative who are only seen giving public speeches. Sanitation for Ministers and Menials Alike-Mahatma Gandhi Father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji had started doing a scavenger’s job, and conducting scientific experiments in sanitation, from his South African days. His campaign for sanitation had twin social objectives – eradication of untouchability and promotion of the dignity of labour. He also said,our lavatories bring our civilisation into discredit. We like to have an… Read more »

8 years ago

We have the smart phones, we have free YouTube. So the city corporation has to declare incentives to those who capture the video footage of litterers (it does not matter who they are). Those videos with all the information about the culprits should be uploaded to the internet for everyone to see. Naming, shaming and the resultant public humiliation is the only way to contain this problem. It does not matter which government is in power and what schemes they bring out. The people are the same. Unless you humiliate them this problem won’t go away.