Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Mission’s 28th Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan Smartens Kankanady Area

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Mangaluru: The 28th Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan was carried out by Ramakrishna Mission in Kankanady area on 29 November, 2015 from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. Prof. Mohan Shinge (Coordinator, Dept. of Social Work, Mangalore University) and Prashanth Uparangala (Manager, HDFC Bank and well-wisher of the Ashram) flagged off the 28th drive in the presence of Swami Jitakamanandaji, Adhyaksha of Ramakrishna Math. Dr Sathish Rao, Umanath Kotekar, Vithaldas Prabhu, Satyanarayana K V, Aniruddh Nayak, Dilraj Alva, Sujith Pratap, Vikram Nayak, Rathna Alva and other eminent persons were present.

About 100 volunteers, members of Hindu Warriors WhatsApp group, students of the Dept. of Social Work from Mangalore University, members of Chintana Group of MRPL, devotees and well-wishers of the Ramakrishna Mission, actively participated in the Abhiyan.

mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-001 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-002 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-003 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-004 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-005 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-006 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-007 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-008 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-009 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-010 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-011

The volunteers cleaned the areas surrounding Kankanady Flower Market, Kankanady Circle, the area in front of the Bus stand and Father Mullers’ Hospital. Volunteers, under the guidance of journalist Arif Padubidri, cleaned the Kankanady market area. Using a JCB, heaps of stones, sand and other construction debris were cleared, thus leveling the road.

The flower market in Kankanady building was worn out and had not been painted for years together. The volunteers from Hindu Warriors WhatsApp group cleaned the tiles on the roof off the weeds and moss and painted the tiles on the roof and the building, thus giving it a face lift.

mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-012 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-013 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-014 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-015 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-016 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-017 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-018 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-019 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-020 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-021 mangaluru-28th-swachh-abhiyan-conducted-at-kankanady-022

The rusted railings adjoining the Kankanady bus stop were cleaned and painted, giving them a new look. The knee-high grass and weeds on the road dividers and road corners were cleared using grass cutting machines by the volunteers. Compound walls were beautified by removing posters and footpaths were cleared of the mud and dirt that had been accumulated.

Worn out way boards on Kalpana Road in Kankanady were repainted and rewritten, thus benefiting the pedestrians and new comers.

MRPL, the principal patron of the event, sponsored the drive.

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Wilfred Crasta
8 years ago

Good work guys keep up the good work already proud of you

Ramchandra Shetty
8 years ago

Great job by the Ramakrishna Mission and it’s members. May your clan flourish and prosper.

Original R.Pai
8 years ago

These guys are doing such an amazing job week after week. I wish we had 100 such organizations in Mangaluru!! I am also hoping that those flower merchants and mangalureans change their habits to keep city clean.

sHAIKh moHd rizwan
8 years ago

These guys are doing such an amazing job week after week. I wish we had 100 such organizations in Mangaluru!! -Atheist Mr.Original Sir, Where are those ‘Kar sevaks’ mobilized by RSS to demolish Babri Masjid? Why can’t use those 10 crores BJP volunteers who are willing to give up gas subsidy and start cleaning toilets at first. Let Mohan Bhagwat give call to those foot soldiers who helped Modi to come to power and start cleaning ‘Holy Ganges’ and reduce tax burden on poor like ‘swachh Bharat cess’. Why can’t those Modi’s cheering crowd in Madison square,Dubai,Australia, wimberly in UK… Read more »