Mangaluru: Rare Mouse-deer Found Astray Lands in Safe Hands in New Home in Pilikula

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Mangaluru: A fawn of Chevrotain or mouse-deer, belonging to a rare genus, was spotted by the forest personnel of Puttur range, having strayed out of a forest, recently.

After looking after for a few days, they had planned to release it back in the forest again. But there would have been no security for it while being alone.

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On being alerted about it, Pilikula biological park’s wildlife director Jayaprakash Bhandary took immediate action and got it shifted to his care.

He said that it was finding it easy to take food. After keeping it under observation for about 15 days, it would be set out to enjoy the company of other mouse-deer in the park.

The mouse-deer is known as Tragulus kanchil in the Binomial nomenclature of the animal world and as Berinka or Barinka in local languages.

(Pics courtesy: Pilikula park)

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