Mangaluru: Revenue Minister Srinivas Flags off Social and Educational Survey Campaign Vehicle

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Mangaluru: The Publicity Campaign for Social and Educational Survey was flagged off at the Circuit House here, on April 6.

The Publicity Campaign of the Social and Educational Survey vehicle was flagged off by the Revenue Minister, Srinivas Prasad, along with other dignitaries.


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Addressing the gathering, Minister Srinivas said that the vehicle create awareness among the people about the survey. “The state government has taken measures to conduct social and educational survey to ensure equality and social justice. Enumerators will go to every house to collect data from the citizens. There will be 55 questions which the family head or any member of the family needs to answer. This Social and Educational Survey is being done for the first time in the state.” He urged the citizens to co-operate with the enumerators and provide proper information which will help the government to formulate welfare programmes for uplifting the backward classes.

The data will be collected from the citizens from 11th to 30th April and the collected data will be submitted to the government to plan for the welfare of the people.

The campaign van is designed by the Information and Public Relations Department to create awareness among the people about the survey.

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