Mangaluru: Same Old Story! Woman’s Rs 42,000-worth Gold Chain Snatched by Bike-riders

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Mangaluru: Some women do not care to take precautions and their family members do not bother to warn women, the seniors in particular, not to wear expensive jewellery when really not necessary or while moving around alone in secluded places.

This was the response of many members of the public after yet another chain-snatching incident was reported from the Sharavu temple location here.

Chandrakala (61), who lives near New Chitra movie-house in Alake, was on her way to the Sharavu Ganapati temple on foot. As she reached close to Balambhatta hall, two men arrived in a bike. The pillion-rider snatched her gold chain and soon thereafter both fled the spot.

The incident took place in a split-second. By the time she could realize what happened and scream for help, it was too late for passersby to stop the culprits.

In her complaint to the Bunder police, Chandrakala has stated that her chain of made of two and a half sovereign, worth about Rs 42,000. The rider wore a helmet and the pillion-rider had a monkey cap on.

Another case, a failed attempt

The same morning, around 5 am, when another woman was going on her morning walk, two men on bike tried to snatch a gold chain from her neck, but they did not succeed. The police opine that the same persons could have been involved in the incident near Sharavu temple.

On the previous day, there were a few similar incidents on the coastal belt, from Bhatkal to Tallur. The police opine that the same persons may have done all the thefts.

Over and over, in spite of cautions!

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