Mangaluru: Second Version of Mobile App, ‘mangalurucitypolice’ Launched

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Mangaluru: The second version of the people friendly Mangluru Police mobile App was launched at the Police Commissioner’s Office here, on June 1.

The mobile app was launched by Shilpa Suvarna, RJ Prasanna along with the Police Commissioner S Murugan and Chairman of Diya Systems Dr V Ravichandran.

Addressing the mediapersons, Police Commissioner S Murugan said that the earlier version which was launched on April 7 by DG&IGP Om Prakash had some errors and the department received many suggestions from the public. “There were many complaints too in operating the app. According to the suggestions, complaints and recommendations, we have upgraded the Mobile app.”


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The new app will be very useful for girls, women and children, when they are threatened, abused or in scary situations. In such situations, the victim can shake her/his mobile rapidly five times triggering a message to their parents or loved ones, whose number has been stored in the app. When the victim will shake the mobile for five times, the police and others whose numbers are stored in the app will get the exact location of the victim.

He further said that all the police station locations, contact number and name of the Police Inspector of a station will be available on the app. If there is any crime, one can report the crime through phone or go to the nearest police station and meet the Inspector. The app provides phone numbers of the control room, snake catchers, ambulance, options on emergency, etc. Through the “Live Traffic” option, the details of the traffic flow on a particular stretch, closure of road and alternative road for smooth flow of vehicles is also available. Traffic offences and information on no parking areas will also be available on the app.

DCP of Crime, Vishnuverdhan briefed on the advantages of the app and said that the public can download applications for driving license and also file complaints online. He further said that to file an FIR, one should go to the police station because it is very difficult to handle complaints online due to lack of man power. The list of telephone numbers of various police stations, information on traffic violations and fines can be accessed on the website.

“It is a people friendly app and the public can download and make use of it.”

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