Mangaluru Should not be Portrayed Negatively – Vipul Kumar

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Mangaluru Should not be Portrayed Negatively – Vipul Kumar

Mangaluru: “I have received fantastic support from the media and I was looking for an opportunity to say that. Especially during and after the time of elections. I would like to expect the same support from all of you. We have the responsibility to ensure that there is peace and order in this beautiful city of Mangaluru. This city is very beautiful. The impression of the city is that Mangaluru is highly communal, etc. With my experience, I can say this much. Yes, there are incidents. There are problems but we should not portray the whole city as something negative,” said Police commissioner Vipul Kumar during an interaction with the mediapersons at the Compol office here, on June 18.

Addressing the mediapersons, Vipul Kumar said, “I have seen the people here. They are educated and this is an educational hub. As a magistrate, whatever the directions we have passed, they have very well been respected by the people of this city. We have kept the dialogue open. People want peace and order here. Because of certain incidents and a few anti-social elements taking the law into their hands, it has created a negative image.”

Vipul Kumar further said, “As citizens of the city, we all should come together and ensure that this very small section of people should not be given that kind of importance. Let the law take its own course. The Mangaluru city police are quite capable irrespective of who the commissioner is. They are very capable and a great team that can face any challenge.”

When asked about the sand seizure, Vipul Kumar said, “People store the sand for the lean season to sell it for a high price. We had received information about the illegal storage of sand, so we raided and seized the stock. 15 cases were registered and handed to the Mines and Geology department for further action. In the reorganized beat system, the beat police constables should know their duties and visit such places so that they can inform their senior officers to take action. The beat police should build confidence among the people by visiting the places and meeting people. We should motivate our people and we, the police, should work as one team and one family.”

DCP Law and Order Hanumantharaya, DCP Crime and Traffic Uma Prashanth, SCP Siddaraju, ACPs Manjunath, M Jagadish, K Ramarao and Rajendra DS were also present.

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  1. We fully and wholeheartedly endorse the views expressed in this article as far as the positive outlook of the City of Mangalooru. The City is moving forward very well as far as the Economy of the City and all the surroundings. We are certainly a strong and vibrant Education Hub of South India. With the benefit of Education we can and we have accomplished so many positive things in and around Mangalore that have helped us to move forward so well so far.

    Like any other Cities of the world, each City has its own problems, and that is part of the risk of progress we all have to face in our daily endeavor of life. The more progressive we are in our daily perception of life, the better we are in all our daily performance of life. The more benefit we shall be for ourselves and our people of a “model city” which has now become one of the “Smart Cities” of India.

    As already said, we all have to accept our weaknesses with a willingness to learn more and improve in our future endeavors of life. We have to help one another in order to make sure that Mangalore moves forward with pride so that we can enrich our Education even further, we can enrich our cultural, social and Economic endeavors in addition to our Religious values.

    We therefore pray that Mangalore will continue to strive for greater progress and prosperity under the banner of unity and diversity. Our secular values have to blend as deeply as possible in order to make many things possible for the betterment of Mangalore, our beloved home town that we love so much

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