Mangaluru: SJCA and White Doves Hold Blood Donation Camp

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Mangaluru: St Joseph’s Engineering College Mangaluru and St Joseph’s College Alumni joined hands with White Doves and Wenlock Hospital for a noble cause at SJEC premises, Vamanjoor here, on September 3.

A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp commenced at 9 am at St Joseph’s Engineering College, which encouraged the students, staff and alumni to come in large numbers to donate blood for the Wenlock Hospital Blood Bank.

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The programme began with the formal function and President of the SJEC Alumni, Nelson Castelino welcomed the gathering. Dr Sharath Kumar, Medical Officer and Blood Bank In charge Wenlock Hospital, spoke on the importance of donating blood. He said, “In a human body, there are 5.75 liters of blood of which only 3.5 liters is required for normal functioning of a body. Of the remaining extra blood, 350ml can be donated and it also benefits the donor.”

He also spoke about women during night delivery going into a crisis situation due to profuse bleeding. “The need to save that life greatly depends on the blood to be given to the women in labor.”

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Corrine Rasquinha, Founder President of White Doves, who was the chief guest of the programme, spoke on life in blood and quoted the Bible from the Book of Genesis, “How the blood was crying out for justice”. She also gave her personal experiences on the plight of the poor patients in dire need of blood and having no one to help them. She encouraged the students to be permanent donors.

Fr Joseph Lobo, the Director of SJEC, also quoted the Bible speaking on the parable of the good Samaritan and telling the students that they have a choice, whether to help save a life or not through voluntary blood donation. He encouraged the students to donate blood which will give them a sense of well being.

The students and staff of SJEC came in a large number to donate blood and by 12’o clock over 200 students had donated blood. The camp which commenced at 9 am concluded at 2 pm. The formal function ended with a vote of thanks by Evita Coelho. Dean of Student Welfare and Alumni – Vincent Crasta, Principal of SJEC – Joseph Gonsalves, Director of SJEC – Joseph Lobo, Treasurer and Secretary of White Doves – Jerome Coelho, Dr Sharath Kumar, Nelson Castelino and Corrine Rasquinha were the dignitaries on the dais. The programme was compered by Clyde Tellis who concluded by saying that the tears of a mother cannot save a child when the child is in need of blood.

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  1. Great initiative on the part of White Doves to come forward towards the Blood Donation movement thru St. Joseph’s Engineering College at Vamanjoor. It is an ideal opportunity to channel many of these noble schemes thru the High Schools, Colleges and Universities of Mangalore because those are the places where exist the best of youth eager to come forward and extend their hands of help. Those are places where young minds blend and young minds get enthused with something that is new in this world. We have our whole hearted support for anything that brings additional interest for the youth that gets involved.

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