Mangaluru: Sudhir Shetty Expresses Disappointment Over Mismanagement of MCC Funds

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Mangaluru: MCC opposition leader, Sudhir Shetty held a press meet at his Office, MCC premises here on February 19.

Addressing the mediapersons, Sudhir Shetty said, “A report on the proposed development of the city was sought from the MCC for release of funds under the State Government’s SFC funds and the Central Government’s 14th financial planning last year. MLA’s should have a look at 2015-2016 list of the grant released. The funds are utilized for works that have not benefited the common man in any way. However they claim that they have utilized the funds in a proper manner. In the previous budget Rs 30 lakh was allotted for regional development but the reports now show that only Rs 15 lakh have been utilized.”


He further said, “MLA from Mangaluru North obtained the SFC funds by the state government to the tune of Rs 3 crore, he had requested the MCC to hand over 58 various works to the Nirmiti Kendra. The report related to the Rs 3 crore development project which was designed to provide basic amenities at Surathkal, states that only the Nirmiti Kendra, is permitted to take up works related to the construction of houses and buildings that require the use of environment friendly, low cost building technology and many more. But as per government guidelines the estimate must not exceed Rs 2 crore. When the former Commissioner Hephsiba was in the Commissioner’s seat she had sought a clarification on the release of the full sanctioned amount of Rs 3 crore.”

Nirmiti Kendra is an organization which takes up construction of various types of buildings from Government sector as well as from the Private Sector in order to show efficacy of the Cost Effective Technologies in different buildings like, Tourist Cottage, Office buildings, Hostels, residences etc.


He also said, “The Corporation has received some loan amount from the Asian Development Bank in the second phase for the underground drainage development project. With this money they inaugurated the project so that the MLA of that particular constituency could take the credit. However the project is still pending. Is this the way to run the government?”

“This attitude of the authorities has welcomed a backlash from the public when a lot of developmental work is pending at the ward level,” he added.

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