Mangaluru: That’s Not Smart! Don Bosco Cross Road Concreted Just Half the Way?

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Mangaluru: If you look at some of the new side roads concreted lately by the MCC, you will be surprised to see that many of them are only concreted half the way-for example the Kodialguthu Rd, Inner Road near Padua High School, and many others- and to add to these lists- there is one more road that is only concreted the half way-namely the Don Bosco Cross Rd. And it looks like the portion of this road where it is concreted has businesses of builders, rich entrepreneurs and posh residences. What’s going on?

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While the newly concrete part of the road looks good, the remaining portion of the road is in shambles, with garbage scattered on the footpath, dilapidated pedestrian walk-way, uncompleted drainage work posing danger to motorists and pedestrians etc etc. It doesn’t make any sense, why would anybody concrete half of the road, and leave the other half in disaster. That’s what happens when the work is assigned to a local contractor- so that part of the allotted money for the road construction can be shared by the MCC officials, ward corporator and other political netas.

Why can’t the district administration give road work to bigger companies like L&T or any other renowned construction company who have sophisticated technology and new machinery, and they would not pay any bribes to our corrupt city officials. But the problem is that MCC officials won’t assign the work to outside the city companies, fearing that they would not make extra bucks.So unfortunately that would be the reality of all roads in Kudla- half done and incomplete?

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  1. The road is half concretized- for the reason, the half will be undertaken by another contractor- so we have two contractors many money on this road, including the corporator, MCC officials and others. What a corrupt city are we living in?

  2. The MCC or MLA JR Lobo have taken risk to concrete road instead of asphalting them. Concreting road needs more funding than asphalting, but has more life span. I think, sometimes its good to take risk, the author should have considered the views of all parties

  3. Mr Alfie,look at the footpath on Arya Samaj Road. Certain places it is wide enough for Dog to walk. Mr Ramesh Kumar,We are living in Corrupt City called MCC. M stands for Mangalore and anayize what C C stands for.

  4. The money used is of the tax payers and who will clear the debris. First there was no need to advertise about the concreting the road on the main road. The corporator should remember that next he will get only 50 % of the votes. Leaving all the debris on the road is also bad and dangerous for two wheeler riders with helmet and without helmet.
    By the time they want to start the other half the excuse will be rains.

  5. As City Grows MCC/ MUDA need to build New safe drinking Water Plant at Kateel, and We urgently need to build New Town Link Roads Kavoor to Thokur MSEZ, idya, Soorinje to Punaroor, Belmon, to Belle on barren Land to Avoid highway accidents for school children due to thousands of outbound trucks,MCF, MRPL Gas Tankers makes us Linger on highway, daily poses high risk to our life, All Four Pulguni River bridges are 50 Years old deteriorated bad condition, rebuild work given to Larsen & Toubro, Humidity and temperature have caused bridges to crumble .steel rebar in concrete will corrode We need New town link River bridge from Kavoor to Thokur, this will reduce highway congestion, at Kottara, Kuloor, Panambur, Kulai MCC/ Muda need to Focus every corner of city Cruise Tourist Spots kept Clean
    since 50 years there is no much Public Vikas & Parivartan by State govt in our City. Exept 3, oldest Public Wenlock, KREC, Kadri PolyTech 1960 by active Taluk Dev Board, Elevated Footpath, & bus stop Shelters, more public toilets Waste/sewage Treatment plant, All Markets,Shops and Restaurants must built with toilets and wash-Rooms to avoid Dengue, filthy city,
    Plan all City Drain-lines proper underground & Chlorinated, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) dose weekly to avoid mosquitos, Dengue etc.. Stop City existing building Sewage overflows to soil & Canals at Attavara, Kodial bail, Car Street, Kottara cross, city sewage from drain pits overflow to pollute Rivers,
    Mumbai dabbavala,s daily deliver Lunch any city corner office within a hour, Jet Pilots are do Perfect Job daily Fly with Thousands of Passenger’s to home town but Public official not hear, look, think, build
    all we Pay huge Tax through Institutions, Local Sales, Banks, RTO, Medicine, Air ticket, salary,Tri-angle tax Telecom operating Tax, Profit & Recharge Tax, this Tax money drains to other unknown Area, and our City dev isolated, Crippled,
    We choose good Teacher for our child to get Knowledge,
    we choose best smart phone to have more features, we choose best doctor for our family health care, we think to have best Pilot to our Air trips we choose dull Legistlater for our City, here all our City dev fail

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