Mangaluru: Tiny Mouse-deer Fawn Rescued, being Brought to Pilikula Park for Tending

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Mangaluru: Chevrotain or mouse-deer, called Tragulus kanchil in the Binomial nomenclature of the animal world, is one of the cutest members of the deer family. The local name for it is ‘barinka’.


They could be found in abundance in the forests of the district some decades ago. Owing to hunting and deforestation, now they are rarely seen in this part of the country.

A few days ago, a fawn of this genus was found having strayed out of the forest periphery between Kerala and Karnataka lying under the Puttur forest range.

It was rescued and is since being looked after by the forest personnel in Puttur. There was a plan to release it back into the forest soon.

If such a young animal is set free, there was a hazard on three counts at least. Soon after its release, it could be caught by poachers. Its meat is said to be very delicious.

Secondly, it had no support of a mother or a herd. Hence it could starve to death. Thirdly, wild cats, wild dog or any other carnivore could prey upon it.

With this thought in mind, on hearing about the animal on Thursday May 14 morning, this writer alerted H Jayaprakash Bhandary, the wildlife director of the Pilukula biological park in Moodushedde on the outskirts. He seemed to have no information about it.

He was the right person immediately available to do something about it because even after having retired from service as a senior officer in the department of forests, he has continued his deep interest in the conservation of wildlife.

He immediately contacted the forest personnel in Puttur with a view to saving the animal since it is an endangered species.

The forest personnel in Puttur promised to have it shifted to Pilikula by Thursday noon. Speaking to this writer, Bhandary, while appreciating the gesture of alerting him, said that the mouse-deer would be properly taken care of at the park.

Releasing such animals which were found having strayed out back into the forest without giving them treatment and tending could be harmful for their life, said Bhandary.

He has requested the public to inform the Pilikula officials in case such endangered species are found outside the forests.

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  1. “Soon after its release, it could be caught by poachers. Its meat is said to be very delicious” – Report

    Disgusting!! You know you have a huge problem in society when these innocent creatures need to be protected from our own human race!! Everything is seen from the personal gain/satisfaction point of view. If meat tastes good, kill it. If profits are high, blow up the entire mountain and forest!! If coal is cheap, burn it as if there is no tomorrow. Human race seems to writing its own obituary faster than one could imagine!!

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