Mangaluru: Two Students from Canara College Drown at River Netravati

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Mangaluru: Two college students have been feared to have drowned in the river Netravati while they were swimming here on March 21.


The students have been identified as Chirag Bangera (17) and Aditya Nayak (17), students of Second Year PUC in Canara College.

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According to police, a group of four students from Canara College including Aditya were preparing for the exams at Aditya’s house at Morgan’s Gate. After studying together all the four had gone for swimming.

Chirag and Aditya got into the river to swim. Pratik and Satvik were relaxing at the shore. When Chirag and Aditya were swimming a strong current dragged them away. Immediately Pratik and Satvik informed the locals who rushed to the spot but were unable to locate both of them.

The search is on for the missing students.

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