Mangaluru: Udyoga Mela will Ensure Placement for Job Seekers – Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru: In preparation for the ‘Mangaluru Udyoga Mela’, the district administration held a meet with entrepreneurs, at Hotel Gateway here, on November 11.

Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim welcomed the gathering and said that two rounds of interactions were held with companies in Bengaluru in regard to the mela. In both the meetings, the organizers received an over-whelming response from the companies. “Mangaluru has a large pool of talents and most of the companies have shown keen interest to come to the city. We have 7 medical colleges, 18 engineering colleges and many other institutions of repute in the district. More than 1 lakh students graduate every year from all these various fields and are in need of employment. But as such,Mangaluru cannot tap the entire pool of talents. Some get employed at campus, some of them go for further studies, some get into self employment, etc. The whole purpose of this mela is to effectively and efficiently tap the human resource of the district for the larger interests of the country. In Mangaluru, various talents will be available in this jobs fair and companies will be getting more qualified and able hands. Various companies, education institutes, hospitals have come forward to take part in the job fair.”

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He also said that the Udyoga Mela is the brain child of the district minister in-charge, B Ramanath Rai.  The  motto and motive of the Udyoga Mela is to provide jobs to the youth who have completed their SSLC, PUC, graduation and engineering   .

District minister In-charge Ramanath Rai said, “I thought of organising the Udyoga Mela in Mangaluru and we held meetings with the entrepreneurs in Bengaluru and also in Dubai, in which 100 companies participated. We also thought of having a meeting with entrepreneurs in Mangaluru so that we can provide jobs in the city to the job seekers.”

He further said, “In Mangaluru, many youth who are jobless are involved in disturbing peace in the society. So I thought of organizing the Udyoga mela so that we can provide jobs to the youth. We are trying to provide a platform to our youth, and we seek the support from all the entrepreneurs to make the Udyoga Mela a successful one.

Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of Alvas Education Trust, said, “Most of the job market is centralized in India and mostly restricted to Bengaluru and other metros. People from our area and mostly rural areas find it difficult to find jobs, especially girls since most come from conservative families. So we thought to provide a platform, not restricted to any body or any college, and keep it open for everyone so that there is a window of opportunity for all. Initially, companies were apprehensive since it was a job mela. But over the years, we tried explaining to the companies how serious we are about the job mela and the organised way in which we conduct these melas. The central focus of all our job melas is information. Information in terms of qualification, salaries; everything is put across and can be accessed by job seekers. We don’t provide just stalls; when a company registers with us, we get to know their requirement, the processes that they have for candidate selection, etc and based on this, we provide them with the necessary facilities.”

The Chancellor of Nitte University Vinay Hegde said, “Getting employed is a very systematized procedure. Unfortunately, our education system does not train students to get into a job. Students come to the college only to finish their degree and move out. Once they go out to their place of employment, the expectation of the employer is very different than the academic program that they have undergone in their college.” He advised the organizers to conduct orientation programs at the beginning of the academic year in every college so that the students can gain insight into the expectations of employers. He also said that today, employees have no loyalty towards employers. “The major problem that employers face is that people have no loyalty towards the company where they work. Bright students will join the company, get trained, work for 2 years and then leave the job. You cannot treat the company as your training centre. Every employee should be loyal to the employer, treating the company as their own. The people of Dakshina Kannada are successful wherever they work. If they will be properly motivated and guided, they will definitely succeed.”

“The most dangerous people in the society are the educated people who are unemployed. Unemployed educated persons who have very bright minds, could become very destructive persons. It is the duty of the society to ensure and provide job to every educated individual,” he added.

ADC Kumar delivered the vote of thanks. Chancellor of Yenepoya University Y Abdullah Kunhi, Chairman of A J Hospital A J Shetty and others were also present.

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